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Preferred Matchups Black & Gold 11/5 5 PM

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These are my preferred matchups for this coming Thursdays event.

125 - Aaron Assod

Boomer Boyd

Chase Brennan

Barlow McGhee

133 - Jaydin Clayton

Cole Baumgartner

Zach Synon

John Erneste

141 - Will Roark

Sam Crane

Matt Manley

149 - LeRoy Barnes

Grant Leeth

Lavion Mayes

157 - Matt Lemanowitz

Luke Fortuna

Joey LaVallee

165 - Daniel Lewis

Tim Miklus

174 - Cody Johnston

Jon Goerke

Dylan Wisman

Blaise Butler

184 and 197 Willie Micklus vs Jayden Cox

285 - Wood Mancuso

Mike Monaghan

James Romero

4 wrestler groups would have the wrestlers go in order with winners wrestling again - 3 wrestler groups would have the top 2 wrestle with the winner

wrestling #3 -Feature match of the night worth the trip all by itself COX vs Miklus

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Mat 1:


Barlow McGhee won by decision over Chase Brennan 11-4


Jaydin Eierman won by decision over Zach Synon 5-2


Matt Manley won by decision over Will Roark 7-3


Matt Lemanowicz won by decision over Luke Fortuna 2-0


Blaise Butler won by major decision over Cody Johnston 11-3


Jayden Bears won by major decision over Dalton Voyles 16-4


J'den Cox won by fall over Seth Pesek


James Romero won by fall over Mike Monaghan


Lavion Mayes won by major decision over Austin Eveler 18-3


Daniel Lewis won by technical fall over Taylor Watkins 15-0




Mat 2:


Austin Eveler won by decision over Alex Butler 5-2


Taylor Watkins won by decision over Nicholas DeLoach 5-2


Nick Nasenbeny won by decision over Sam Ritchie 4-0


Matt Striegel won by decision over Nicholas Scherer 8-2


Aaron Assad won by major decision over Chandley Fohey 10-1


John Erneste won by decision over Cole Baumgartner 7-3


Le'Roy Barnes won by technical fall over Kevin Kissane 15-0


Keegan McCormick won by decision over Phyllip DeLoach 5-4


Dylan Williams won by decision over Jon Goerke 7-0


Nick Nasenbeny won by decision over Quinn Smith 5-2


Tim Miklus won by decision over Matt Striegel 10-4

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I'd be curious to know what everyone weighed in at. Mayes wrestled a 149 pounder...Barnes wrestled a 141 pounder. And if Lavallee is redshirting, who fills in there? And, the real question of the night...does Jaydin Eierman redshirt after beating last years MAC champ?


125 - Barlow

133 - Eierman

141 - Manley

149 - Mayes

157 - Barnes

165 - Lewis

174 - Butler

184 - Miklus

197 - Cox

Hwt - Romero


That's a tough team there with 5-7 possible AA's. Not sure how the crowded 141 - 157 works out, but hope it's something similar to this...

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I think he should red shirt at least until after Mizzou wrestles the Las Vegas Invitational. This would give him 3 opens

in which to show that he should be in the line-up this year. I do not think he will AA at this point so he should red.


I do not see 5-7 AA's in this line up. I see 3 Butler, Miklus, and Cox. Mayes maybe 4 but shifting weight makes that a big

question mark. Lewis would be a reach as a 5th with the comp that he is going to run into. It will be a major surprise if

anyone else is on the award stand in New York.

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I agree with MLBRUEM, lets give the true freshmen several open events before puling his redshirt. Wrestle offs are nice but the true gauge is competing against competition outside of the room. I think the only reason you would pull his redshirt is if Coach Smith thinks MU has a shot at the national championship.

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