Boys Fight or Flight Tournament Recap


  • High-Level Participation and Skill Display: The Fight or Flight Tournament showcased a high level of participation with 322 wrestlers across various weight classes in both freestyle and Greco divisions. Wrestlers like Cade Crawford and Jordan Bell demonstrated exceptional skill, achieving multiple technical falls, indicating strong preparation and execution.
  • Adaptability and Growth: Several wrestlers tested themselves by competing in higher weight classes or switching styles between freestyle and Greco. For instance, Carter Temple and Jackson Rotterman both wrestled up in weight and succeeded, highlighting their adaptability and resilience, which are crucial traits for competitive wrestling.
  • Preparation for Future Competitions: The tournament served as a critical preparation stage for upcoming major events like the Super 32 Tournament and Fargo Nationals. Wrestlers used this opportunity to fine-tune their techniques and strategies, as evidenced by comments from participants like Cole Sackett and James Lovelady, who focused on refining their freestyle techniques and transitions.

One of the biggest freestyle wrestling tournaments in the Kansas City area took place last Saturday as several Missouri wrestlers competed in the Fight or Flight Tournament at Platte County High School. 

Two-hundred and twenty-two high-school aged boys competed in the cadet and junior freestyle divisions and there were 100 competing in the Greco Division.

Wrestler Interviews:

The Fight or Flight Tournament many wrestlers used to tune up for some of the bigger tournaments later in the year like the Super 32 Tournament and Fargo Nationals.

Below, breaks down the results from each division on the Greco and Freestyle divisions:

Cadet Boys Freestyle

88-100: Platte County’s Cade Crawford earned a pair of tech falls – 12-2 and 10-0 to cruise to a first place finish in his round-robin bracket.

113: St. Pius X freshman Jordan Bell, a state champion during the high school season, bumped up to a higher weight class. He handled it well as he won all four of his matches by tech fall, including a 12-2 win over Jeredy Nilges of Shawnee, Kan.

“I think I wrestled overall pretty well,” Attebury said. “I was working on getting to my double legs and transitioning to my turns. I did a pretty good job at that.”

“I bumped up and wrestled at 113 for the first time in a long time,” Bell said. “I came off a big weight cut two weeks ago. My mindset stays the same and I don’t do anything different.”

120: Luke Cline of Kansas City had two wins by tech fall, a 4-2 victory over Carl Junctions Caden Groom 4-2, and one by pin. In the championship, he took down Liberty’s Gavin Shelton 16-6 to take first place.

132: Odessa’s Jet Brown admitted he was rusty coming into the tournament. Even so, he still dominated as he had three wins by tech fall and one pin. In the championship match, he defeated Lee’s Summit Luke Nally 12-0 to win it.

“I am a little rusty right now,” Brown said. “There is some work to do. But hopefully tomorrow or Monday I will get back in the room and get better.”

138: Liberty’s Roman Stewart won by tech fall in all of his matches which included a 10-0 win over Maxum Rodgers of Omaha, Neb. as he took first place….

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Written by Michael Smith

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