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Missouri Wrestling Tournament Team Rankings

Team rankings here at Missouri Wrestling are purely calculated from individual rankings. Each individual ranking is given a specific point total and those points are added together to formulate a tournament-style team rankings.

Team rankings aren’t meant to show who’s the best dual team or a specific local tournament. It’s an overall holistic look at the individual rankings per team to show that team’s depth if they would all wrestle against each other at a tournament (ie: state tournament). We assign a point total to each individual rank that reflects an average what that place would score at the state tournament, without bonus points.

The formula we use for Missouri Wrestling tournament team rankings follows:

  • Individual Rank #1: 25 team points
  • Individual Rank #2: 21 team points
  • Individual Rank #3: 18 team points
  • Individual Rank #4: 15 team points
  • Individual Rank #5: 12 team points
  • Individual Rank #6: 9 team points