2024 State Tournament Pick’em Winners

Here we go, the results from the 2024 state tournament pick’em!

We’ll just display the Top 10+ for each division, we won’t embarrass those who didn’t get many picks correct 🙂

We had a six-way tie for boys class 4 making the winner the person who picked the team title the closest, then the closest to Liberty’s 188.5 point total. This was fun, let’s do it again next year!

Congrats to the champs:

  • Girls Class 1: Matthew Peak
  • Girls Class 2: Anna Barton
  • Boys Class 1: Dylan Ballew
  • Boys Class 2: Coley Waters
  • Boys Class 3: Haze Middleton
  • Boys Class 4: Kael Crane

Girls Class 1:

NameChamps Picked
Matthew Peak9
Caleb McCartney7
Lucretia Keller7
Landon Porter6
Kael Crane6
Cody Hasekamp6
Melissa Pasley5
William Donahue5
Gini Fite5

Girls Class 2:

NameChamps Picked
Anna Barton12
Katelyn Guth11
Mark Olson10
Maria Ignatov10
Clint Parks9
Missy Beatty9
Matthew Peak8
Joe Hulsey8
Mandy Vargas8

Boys Class 1:

NameChamps Picked
Dylan Ballew9
Caleb McCartney8
Skyler Smith8
Clint Parks7
Jesse Shannon7
Kael Crane7
Erik Zug7
Colton Parn7
Cody Hasekamp7
Jacob Schulte7
Colin Coniglio7

Boys Class 2:

NameChamps Picked
Coley Waters13
Michael Estes12
Lance Barry12
Krysta Small12
Joe Digusto12
Conrad Hooper12
AUSTIN Stevick11
Mason Danner11
Clint Parks10
Landon Porter10
Brett Bush10
Caleb McCartney10
Ryan Bleess10
Sampson Stillwell10
Matthew Peak10

Boys Class 3:

NameChamps Picked
Haze Middleton11
Gary Loveless10
Brennen Green10
Landon Porter10
Luke Steffens9
ashlyn wallis9
Clint Parks9
Kevin Richardson9
Travis Hiteshew9
Jacob Schulte9
Colin Coniglio9

Boys Class 4:

NameChamps Picked
Kael Crane10
Landon Porter10
Mason Sipes10
Aidan Hernandez10
Travis Hiteshew10
Logan Rathjen10
Luke Steffens9
bubba pratt9
Dylan Jones9
Jason Westpfahl9
Colin Coniglio9
J Frosty8
Chad angst8
Joe Digusto8
Nathan VanDruff8
Tim Shanks8

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