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  1. District 1 has 13 in the finals. CBC with a commanding lead and 4 finalists and Lafayette in 3rd place with 6 medalists one in the finals. Eureka 3 Finalists, Secman 2, Parway South, Northwest and Chaminade with 1 apiece. Great showing from the district.
  2. Congrats to Lafayette. Even more impressive that they did it without arguably their best wrestler (Hwt Chase - 2nd State 2015) who was out with an injury.
  3. Noticed on Track Wrestling bracket that Timmy Bogar from Lafayette is not on the official 138lb bracket. Anyone know what happened? I believe he was the #1 ranked wrestler in that district.
  4. Go Lancers!!! Is this the same team that wrestled at the Parkway South Tournament??? Wow!!! Wish I could be there...wrestle hard! -Y
  5. I guess I misunderstood your comment about strangers filming your child. Just watched my thirteen-year-old's matches from the weekend. Ironically, our recording caught someone taping the whole match from the other side. I assume he was related to my son's opponent, but I don't know him. If I had been there and he had asked me to stop taping, I would not have stopped taping (I mean, it is my kid). I'm sorry, but I'm just trying to point out that there are two sides to this debate. -Y
  6. Where do I start with this?.... Who do you consider a "stranger"? I don't know every family member of every opponent my son wrestles... especially at national tournaments. I've seen many different people holding a camera or phone up to a match--grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, etc. Should we ask these strangers not to record their wrestler because ours will also be on the tape? A few years ago, at a big high school tournament, I noticed a coach from another team taping my sophomore's match on his phone. He was not the coach of my son's opponent; he was the head coach for the
  7. dabears37

    MO Challenge

    Yes, please post. BTW, regarding this site... Trackwrestling is nothing in comparison. Ex: Early this season, my younger son had a loss by a decision, but track had it listed as a fall. He's in 7th grade so it doesn't matter to us at all, but that is just an example of track's inaccuracy. For whatever reason, Trackwrestling has some ridiculous rep for being the "last word." My older son's record in high school was also wrong. Why people are letting this site go is a mystery to me. -Y
  8. Congratulations to Lafayette for a pretty darn decent showing...5th overall for their first time at this tournament with a fairly young team! Nice. Kudos to the Lafayette coaching staff and all the wrestlers! -Y
  9. I didn't see the whole match cuz we were still driving. Got home in time to see 141 and up, but obviously they showed the highlights from that match over and over. lol (What the heck is a cow catcher? Is that what they used to call double unders? -Y
  10. Didn't stay for wrestling today, but heard that Waters looked pretty good against Ramos in the semis--gave up a TD in the 1st and 3rd and then riding time in the 2nd. But then Ramos got dominated in the finals. Wow. -Y
  11. That's not his good side (this comment, of course, would be made while said kid is on his back) lol
  12. Look who the cat dragged in... hahaha (Why are the smilies not working??? I want to use them NOW!!) -Y
  13. Is there a link to the tournament results? When I try to pull down tournament results on this site, nothing comes up. Don't know if that's cuz NO ONE has submitted results for tournaments, or not, but the dual results are there. ??!! Lancers.....I told you we couldn't make all the duals and tournaments....we've passed the baton.... It's hard to stay interested when getting info is like pulling teeth. I'm not a dentist. :biggrin1: -Y
  14. Is that all we're going to get??? Hello............ anyone out there? -Y
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