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  1. Speaking of Sadulaev, sure kinda looks like he was pinned today at the Europeans. Hard to tell, but i've seen less get called a pin.
  2. This is such a helpful breakdown. 74 will be competitive based on the work that Harman is doing. Also, do we know where Keegan projects if not next year, coming back as a RS Freshman?
  3. Does anyone know anything about the kid who committed from Wichita? looks like another 174lber. Duwayne Villalpando. Mizzou didn't announce it.
  4. Couple initial thoughts came to mind when I initially saw this. 1. Good for him. It's the right type of job for him and I am guessing he will be successful. 2. This is a loss for the state of Missouri as he's a great youth coach, hopefully someone steps up to fill his shoes. 3. This makes losing Jaydin a little more palatable as I had read multiple unconfirmed sources that Mike was going to join Jaydin but was going to be an RTC coach at Aimes. It still shows that the RTC situation at Mizzou or lack there of, is not going to go away. It doesn't look like the NCAA is going to regulate them any time soon. Is it safe to admit we need to jump in and start really funding that program? Awesome for him. We'll see how it plays out for Mizzou.
  5. Those are good wins, i have not seen him. Do you think he'll fill in to be a good heavyweight?
  6. Possibly Ashton Sharpe? I figure he's going to need a couple years to grow into a heavyweight.
  7. I think we need to take advantage of the momentum we have going with Park Hill. Ethen's younger brother Kal looks good and as well as Cael Keck. Both of them seemed to have some good national results this summer.
  8. Shame if Malik transfers. He’s talented and I was thinking it was simply getting his grades up.
  9. That was my impression from the B&G. Just seems like if Flynn can make 165, it would be good for everyone.
  10. So Kent has beaten Connor Flynn for the 3rd time this season now. Does it make sense for Flynn to drop to 65?
  11. I don't know that's weird. Even if he was injured, you go ahead and send Cordel there.
  12. I saw that, is Koelling injured?
  13. I agree here. I'd rather have the talent and figure out the weights later. Mizzou just signed Crawford and got the commitment from Ethen Miller last month, hopefully he reunites with old teammates.
  14. agree, he looked like a beast this past weekend and he handled Alirez who is the number 1 overall 2019 recruit.
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