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  1. ahmedgelsayed

    Eierman to redshirt next year?

    Don’t forget Severado and Mocco, I actually think both these guys have a solid chance at starting next season with Severado battling for 125 and Mocco at either 157 or 165.
  2. ahmedgelsayed

    Eierman to redshirt next year?

    Maneater reporting it too. https://www.themaneater.com/stories/sports/eierman-to-train-for-olympics-not-compete-for-missouri-in-2020
  3. ahmedgelsayed

    Eierman to redshirt next year?

    Just saw a tweet from a reporter from the Missourian saying Eierman will take the Olympic RS to train for 2019-2020 World and Olympics. Good for him. Going to need someone to step up next year.
  4. ahmedgelsayed

    Tiger Tournament Predictions

    I feel like these are pretty safe predictions. When you think though it, it's extremely plausible that we can have guys finish higher. Elam's draw, and his ability to ride makes him a sleeper AA. Wisman, outside of that midseason injury was always the guy you don't want to face come tournament time. Not sure what two wins you have for him, but I think he beats Cam Caffey and upsets Zach Zavatsky. He AA's. So bias here, we get 6 AA's
  5. ahmedgelsayed

    Mike Eierman

    Dude, they're both trolling. why call someone an idiot with the wink smiley face? I'm sure Mike Eireman loves the fact that he's the subject of a 3 week long troll on this forum.
  6. ahmedgelsayed

    PDF NCAA Brackets

    Marinelli beats a two time National champ handily in the B1G finals, comes in undefeated. Dude has Joe Smith as a potential first round match up, potential quarter final against Mekhi Lewis (junior World champ who's actually beat him before), and potential semi-final with Even Wick who beat him last year 16-3. That's to get to the finals. Probably crap seeding and not fair, but it makes it that much more compelling to watch. Looking at Brock's draw, I actually like it. I do think the kid from Penn he might face in a second round is tougher than one might think, I watched him in the finals of the EIWA and he has good pace. he can beat him.
  7. ahmedgelsayed

    Will Mizzou qualify all 10?

    to be frank, 9 of 10 is about right. Teams with 9 qualifiers: Penn State, tOSU, Iowa, Okie State, Michigan. If we're going to place in the top 5 we need to beat one of these 5 teams.
  8. ahmedgelsayed

    Will Mizzou qualify all 10?

    Flynn is in. Koelling is out.
  9. ahmedgelsayed

    Jaydin Eierman getting a shout out in The Open Mat

    This weight class is stacked going into Nationals. I don't see him anywhere but the 4 seed which would put him up against Yanni in the semis if they both make it that far. In watching Jaydin and the other top guys this season in this weight class, I think if there's anyone who's going to beat Yanni it's Jaydin. Not saying it's going to happen, but he's got the best shot.
  10. ahmedgelsayed

    Will Mizzou qualify all 10?

  11. ahmedgelsayed

    MAC Championships

    He looked good. I thought the refs were a little slow on that count for back points. Good momentum for him.
  12. ahmedgelsayed

    MAC Championships

    Elam who’s struggled recently also lost. Not good.
  13. ahmedgelsayed

    MAC Championships

    It might be hard, I’m trying to come up with the quality wins this season and I think it’s just Mekhi Lewis from Va. Tech. I don’t think that cuts it in a really competitive weight class this year. It’s unfortunate for him because I think he’s going to have serious competition at that weight from Mocco or Jacques.
  14. ahmedgelsayed

    MAC Championships

    Looks like he eked one out 2-1 to advance.
  15. ahmedgelsayed

    MAC Championships

    Anyone know what happened to JJ's QF match? ESPN + didn't show it and Mizzou Twitter is lagging.