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  1. Congrats Whitfield, you've left quite the legacy in class 1 wrestling. It'll be fun to see what you can do in your new class.
  2. Hopefully, Grant Leeth is still on the team. Got a nasty rumor bug going around and hope it's not true.
  3. I'd love to see him in the Mizzou room. His football team just won the state championship, so he's a multi-sport athlete. Starting off at a class 1 school and watching him improve each year has been pretty exciting.
  4. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Gabe in the next few years. Clearly a next-level blue chip wrestler. With Phil and family growing up in Columbia, it seems like a sure thing. But, with all the shifting with the blue blood programs does Mizzou stand a chance? Does RTC come into play here?
  5. I don't believe Sharp will wrestle in college. Mizzou needs to take a long look and offer Kale Schrader from Carthage. He has wins over Sharp as well as one of the Laut boys from KS who's currently at UNC.
  6. I'm old enough to remember the hype behind the hire: https://www.missouriwrestling.com/community/index.php?/topic/17256-big-missouri-college-wrestling-announcement-thursday-at-130/&tab=comments#comment-171742 http://news.westminster-mo.edu/uncategorized/coach-mike-eierman-a-power-in-purpose-profile/ https://www.columbiamissourian.com/visuals/photos/mike-eierman-tony-eierman-and-tracey-braden-announce-a-new/image_ce31e1d4-c32a-11e6-ab54-1b85e7b23106.html https://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/higher_education/westminster-college-adds-men-s-and-women-s-ncaa-wre
  7. Yes, actually, what happened to all the hype behind Mike becoming the coach at Westminster?
  8. With all this Eierman talk, how's his college team been doing (Westminster?)? I had forgotten he was named head coach and haven't kept up with their progress. I'd imagine they are in title contention?
  9. That would work, too. But, it would probably be cheaper to rent out a high school gym. Maybe attendance will be up this year?
  10. Will you ever move this event to the Missouri side? With the sliding attendance, you can even host it at a local high school that supports wrestling, not a community college in KS that doesn't have a program.
  11. mshsaaref

    Connor Brown

    What's the rumors going around regarding Connor Brown leaving Wisconsin?
  12. Anyone have idea how they will configure the championships mat? 4 in the corner and 1 in the middle? Will the girls be front and center?
  13. Last season's districts Class 1: 518 wrestlers. 14 weights * 4 qualifiers = 56*4 =224. Roughly 43% of those who entered districts qualified Class 2: 553 wrestlers. 14 weights * 4 qualifiers = 56*4 =224. Roughly 40.5% of those who entered districts qualified Class 3: 652 wrestlers. 14 weights * 4 qualifiers = 56*4 =224. Roughly 34.35% of those who entered districts qualified Class 4: 644 wrestlers. 14 weights * 4 qualifiers = 56*4 =224. Roughly 34.7% of those who entered districts qualified Also, I'm an old time ref, so excuse any math errors
  14. Numbers of wrestlers by district. Girls have 12 weight classes, with the top 3 going to state. Roughly 27.5% qualified for state that entered districts. D1 D2 D3 D4 Grand Total 130 wrestlers 123 wrestlers 131 wrestlers 140 wrestlers 524 wrestlers
  15. I don't want to be the fun police. Warren, be sure to check your Policies, Procedures and Guidelines for the MSHSA General Championship Exceptions. This might fall under the, "Furthermore, those receiving credentials to the event are expected to represent their respective outlets in a working capacity while in the press areas, conducting themselves only in the strictest professional standards." I'm not sure if abetting a wrestler in a celebration activity, that can cause an unsportsmanlike penalty, would held to the strictest professional standard.
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