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  1. thought another interesting surprise was the way district 4 didn't finish in 126. District 2 was tough. Nice job there.
  2. Congrats to Coach Drake. Don't know exact years but its over 30. Has had fathers and sons wrestle for him its been that long. lol
  3. Can someone please post what teams are going to Mid-Buc? thanks.
  4. 160 was a good match but.... Lathrop dude won like 7-2. 2 was scored on escapes only.
  5. Brock and Bryce Heard Brock Wine to Missouri Valley and Bryce Alexander to Hannibal LaGrange.
  6. pairings At this time, I can't get them as the file says it is damaged. Hope this is corrected soon.
  7. Keeping track on my brackets 105 1.Smith – Marceline 7-0 2.Steiner – Maysville 3.Whitaker – Penny 4.Dolan – Trenton 112 1.Noble – Brookfield pin 2.Hamilton – Marceline 3.Fair – Trenton 4.Ginther – Stanberry 119 1.Hill – Trenton 8-2 2.Steeby – Mid-Buch 3.Blakely – Brookfield 4.Oldham – Stanberry 125 1.Merril – Maryville 2-1 2.King – Penny 3.Cooper – Brookfield 4.Lykins – Albany 130 1.King – So. Harrison 2.Lamp – Penny 3.Steiner – Maysville 4.Steele – Gallatin 135 1.Orr – Brookfield 8-2 2.Buhman – Maysville 3.Gillespie – Albany 4.Bai
  8. Mechener Possibly Injured Mechener did not finish the duals at Albany. His ribs are taped and he told my son that he injured his ribs earlier in the week and re-injured them that day. He seems like a great kid and we hope he has an opportunity to heal before Districts. Alexander is looking forward to wrestling him.
  9. Congratulations! Dannen is not only an excellent wrestler but a really great guy. He remains teachable and gets better and better. It's a pleasure watching him wrestle. Scott and Chris Alexander
  10. Schools at the Albany Warrior Duals where: Albany Gallatin Van Horn South Harrison Stanberry Maysville North Platte West Platte Maryville St. Mary's
  11. Dannen Merrill and Bryce Alexander from Maryville
  12. Here are the scores from the St. Joe News: MEC TOURNAMENT At Lafayette High School Team Standings 1. Benton (B) 329.5, 2. Maryville (M) 274, 3. Smithville (SM) 198, 4. Chillicothe (CH) 192, 5. Lafayette (L) 187, 6. Savannah (SA) 171.5, 7. Cameron (CA) 165.5 Individual Results 103 — 1. Cody Hummer (SA), 2. Adam McMain (CA), Cameron Bohnsack (L); 112 — 1. Bryson Dixon (B), 2. Derek Bohnsack (L), 3. Landon Ocker (CA); 119 — 1. Jake Chellew (B), 2. Garrett Uthe (CA), 3. Dakota Carmichael (M); 125 — 1. Dannen Merrill (M), 2. Tanner Aebersold (SA), 3. Brian Jiminez (SM)
  13. This is copied from the St. Joseph News. (It was a long tourney, many wrestled 5 times.) Benton wrestlers dominate at inaugural MEC Tournament by Ross Martin Saturday, January 24, 2009 Matt Brown wasn’t ready for his match with Lafayette’s J.J. Flint to end. Benton’s senior 145-pounder knows he needs the extra work, but when Flint decide to injury default during the first period Saturday afternoon, Brown took the win and a Midland Empire Conference championship at Lafayette High School. Brown twice broke his right tibia in a span of about six months, costing him his jun
  14. Dannen Merrill wrestled 125 last night, won by forfit against Maysville and quickly pinned his apponent from West Platte. He looks great. Maysville's 119, Buhman, defeated Maryville's freshmen Dakota Carmichael with a pin. Then Carmichael pinned his opponent from West Platte.
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