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Hi, I'm Johnny and I'm a Wrestleholic...

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my name is



"Hi Johnny!"

Hello everyone.

As a wrestleholic, I could not stop wrestling.  Even when my doctor diagnosed me with schizophrenia, I could not stop talking wrestling, challenging people to wrestling, quizzing people on wrestling, etc.  I had to admit that my obsession  was dangerous to both myself and to others, but I kept excusing it as not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.  I mean, I wasn't killing anyone, right?

This is the horror of being a wrestleholic.  Constant alienation of others and driving rifts between myself and those I love.  I was seven years sober from my wrestling-obsession, but here I am, relapsed and once again a member of the missouriwrestling community.  I wish I could share with you a success story of how I found my way out... but the truth is all I did was postpone my inevitable return.

To you all I say well met!... and your kids suck at wrestling.


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