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Been around a long time

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Kenny Brown--originally from Kirksville, graduated 1991

Head Coach of Carthage for 17 years, assistant at Moberly for 3 years, assistant at Warrensburg for 1 year

Officiated from 1994-2006.

First got on the site when you had to go to okwrestle.com and scroll through a single message thread.  Been wearing the same dockworkers cap for over a decade.

Lost a match to GableSuperFan in junior high.



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Kevin Fowler - Originally from Keokuk, IA but moved and wrestled for Hannibal, graduated in 1991 like Kenny.

Coached for Marshall right out of college for a year then got back to Hannibal and assisted under Sharkey for 8 years.  

Head Coach for Clinton for two years before moving back to the east side of the state and Warrenton.  Been head coach for Warrenton for about 12 years before becoming AD this year.

Like Kenny, I remember when you had to go to the okwrestle site, those were some good times...had to check the site often or you'd miss the conversations.  

I think I've made every state tournament since 1985 and all NCAA's since about 2000 (minus 2, Albany and Auburn Hills).  Two best weeks of the year in my opinion!!

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Jarrett Tindall from Bridgeton, MO (now living in Holly Hills)

Graduated from Pattonville in 1988

Coached at CBC from 98-2000

Coached at Berkeley from 2002-2005

Coaching at Ft. Zumwalt North 2006-Present

I am not a teacher work in IT.

I was OKwrestle as well.

I have been to every state tournament since 1979 as a fan/wrestler/coach (That is 40 in a row)

I have been to 9 NCAA's Since 2000 

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Tim Brengle- from the Mean Streets of Arnold

Graduated from Fox in 2001

Coached at Fox from '07-'15

Coach football at Fox  currently and work in Special Education (Autism Spectrum)

First State tourney was '98 and haven't missed one since. 

I've announced the state finals for the online feed since around '05, I think. 

I remember logging onto the okwrestle site from study hall. 

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My name is Ross Martin, and I'm a content producer for Missouri Wrestling. I spent 15 years as a newspaper/reporter editor before a recent job change, but I've continued to track high school sports in my spare time.

I graduated from Platte County in 2001 and have been a long time follower of Missouri Wrestling. Jonathan has offered me the ability to write stories, take photos and gather videos for previews and events. I look forward to helping grow the coverage on this site and hope members see the value in a small subscription to enjoy the content on this site.

I'm based out of Kansas City but willing to help out in any region of the state. I've covered every state tournament in some capacity since 2003, although 2018 was the first time I wasn't there for all three days. 

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My name is Louden Swain, and I am originally from Spokane, WA and graduated in 1983.  I placed at State my first year of wrestling when I was a junior.  For my senior year I really wanted to make my mark on the world so I embarked on a Vision Quest and dropped 22 pounds to get to the 168 weight class in order to challenge undefeated 3X State Champion Brian Shute.  I upset him in one of the most famous wrestling matches of all time.

While this was a great achievement, what was more important to me was that I lost my virginity during this time at age 18 to an older woman, Carla.  Carla was an aspiring artist on her way to San Francisco who stayed at my house as a boarder for a time.  She was hot.

I wasn't really involved in wrestling much after that, until I found this website in the early 2000's after setting down in Lion Country, home of the Norfwest Kittens.  I began my tutelage in the ways of this forum under the infamous Mickey Joe Stern.  Along the way I picked up some rivals like RandyReversal, Denmom, billy madison and more.

I have been away from these forums for quite some time as Carla and I went through a rough period where she picked up a drug habit and started talking about how problematic society is and how she is going to fight for social justice.  She cut her hair short and dyed it pink, purple and blue and decided to put on 100 extra pounds to show the patriarchy that she will not adhere to the oppressive desires of sexist men.  

I fought a long time to rescue her from this ideology but eventually she told me that she was a lesbian and a trans woman.  I am not sure how she can be a trans woman and still be a lesbian but when I asked I was accused of mansplaining.  I haven't seen her in about a year, last I heard she was going to the Trump Tower to protest our President.

Now that I have free time again, you may find me around these parts more often.


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