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  1. LSNfan

    Flo talk show

    Flo radio talk show had Grant Leeth on today, interesting information about his year and plans for the future, winner on and off the mat.
  2. I know it’s been a down year for us fans, but I plan on attending the Mac and feel that we will win it, The coaching staff will have our team ready to go
  3. LSNfan

    Connor Flynn

    He has a match coming up match 187 against Shomers from Oklahoma State
  4. ago Just wanted to start a thread for general discussion for the balance of this season. - Duals (10-0) with N. Iowa & Oklahoma St. still upcoming at Home. - CKLV (2nd behind Ohio St.). 125: Colby Smith, Jr. (6-1) #18 per FLO. Limited matches due to a very tough cut. Only loss is to #3 Bresser at Vegas. A key component if the Tigers hope to contend for a top 4-6 finish. 133: John Erneste, Sr.
  5. Think they should put Hart at 133 and move John to 141 and Jaydin to 149
  6. I knew something was wrong at the awards ceremony at Vegas, he usually has a big smile on his face, prayers for him.
  7. Went up to Ames to check out some of the rest of the Tigers today, Mocco beat Dave Carr 9-8, and Allan Hart won 133, J Kent won 174, fresh/Sophomore, Harold Mauller won 149 open, Jarett Jacques won 157 open
  8. LSNfan

    Cox DQ?

    Cox needs to get a headgear with goggles attached to them.:cool:
  9. LSNfan

    Cox DQ?

    I was at the dual yesterday and feel something else was on J'den mind, during the first period he yelled out something, just seem strange, I'm a huge fan of his and all of us have done things in our life's we are not proud of, hope he admits he was wrong and we all move on.
  10. Great job Missouri, and also a great tournament to watch as a fan, to be able to watch the finals mat side was amazing, the kids from the Missouri team all wrestled well and to the the coaches also deserve a lot of credit.
  11. I just feel if MU was pulling Lavallees redshirt he would be in Vegas, his home town not at the open on the east coast.
  12. LSNfan

    Joe Parisi Open

    Tomasello and Moisey and a large group of 125lbs should be at the Las Vegas invitational Dec 4th and 5th.
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