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    Mizzou Recruiting News

    Here is a link to a thread with comprehensive info on recruiting to this point for 18/19. https://www.missouriwrestling.com/community/index.php?/topic/18264-20182019-mizzou-recruiting/

    Let's get this party started!

    Jacques not going to 165 as he has to eat to keep his weight at 157 or in other words he is a small 157. Mocco is definitely being looked upon to make a run at the 165 spot next year which could push Flynn into a competition with Kent for 174.

    Let's get this party started!

    Punke throwing his head gear. I did not see it but that is what was reported.

    Let's get this party started!

    Any speculation on transfers? (Conner Brown)

    Let's get this party started!

    It was great to be in the Steel City for the tournament supporting this excellent group of young men that wrestles for Mizzou. Mizzou had a very good tournament actually exceeding expectations with 4 All Americans. Erneste in probably one of/if not the most brutal brackets in my time going to the NCAA tournament put us over the top. Elam is another wrestler who went over exprctations. We had a few wrestlers who I had hope of winning 1 or 2 more matches but Erneste and Elam's performance still puts Mizzou above expectations overall in my opinion. We were 6th in the team race would have been 5th without the stupid penalty. Miklus scored 12 team points for Iowa State so even with his points and with out the penalty we would have still been in fourth, one point behind Iowa.

    Tiger Tournament Predictions

    Leaving for the airport! Go Tigers - Best weekend of the year Hope the Tigers can exceed expectations.

    Tiger Tournament Predictions

    I would guess probably the same in my opinion.

    Eierman to redshirt next year?

    Where will Malik be 141 or 133? Would have liked to see Colby stay and compete for 133 or 141.

    Tiger Tournament Predictions

    I like Elam a lot but it is a shame we had to use him this year. He needed the redshirt yr more than any of our true frosh recruits. I think he is far from a sleeper AA. If he wins his first match vs Voss that will be a big upset in itself. His path in wrestlebacks has some opportunity but not enough for a lighter hvy who creates no offense of his own. I will be in the stands in Pittsburg hoping to be wrong. Regarding Wisman I have him losing to ZZ and so does the rest of the uncivilized world of wrestling. He then falls to DePrez who beats him or if not Venz who beats him again will be routing like crazy to be wrong.

    Tiger Tournament Predictions

    125 Dack Punke 27 seed - Have him losing 2. Hopefully he proves me wrong here. 133 John Erneste 8 seed - have him finishing at his seed 8th which makes him an AA. 141 Jaydin Eierman 5 seed - Jaydin scores a bunch of points with pins and finishes 3rd. 149 Brock Mauller 4 seed - Brock AAs as a true freshman finishing 6th. 157 Jared Jacques 13 seed - He has a tough draw an finishes Round of 12. 165 Connor Flynn 15 seed - have him winning his 1st match and losing next 2. 174 Daniel Lewis 2 seed - becomes a 4 time AA finishing 3rd 184 Dylan Wisman 14 seed - goes 2 and 2 285 Zach Elam 20 seed - have him pulling upset in first match but losing next 2 4 All Americans would be a very good tournament for Mizzou. Go Tigers

    PDF NCAA Brackets

    Ryan Millhoff has withdrawn from the tournament due to injury so the 125 bracket has changed Here is updated bracket link https://i.turner.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/images/2019/03/18/ncaa_wrestling_bracket_3.18.pdf
  12. NCAA Seed for each NCAA DIV I - 133 lbs. - John Erneste, Missouri (Park Hill) 8 133 lbs. - Matthew Schmitt, West Virginia (Platte County) 16 141 lbs. - Jaydin Eierman, MIssouri (Father Tolten)* 5 149 lbs. - Brock Mauller, Missouri (Father Tolten) 4 157 lbs. - Luke Weiland, Army (Seckman) 20 157 lbs. - Jarrett Jacques, MIssouri (Father Tolten) 13 157 lbs. - Ke-Shawn Hayes, Ohio State (Park Hill) 11 157 lbs. - Josh McClure, North Carolina (Fulton) 24 165 lbs. - Connor Flynn, Missouri (Francis Howell) 15 165 lbs. - Colston DiBlasi, George Mason (Park Hill) 30 174 lbs. - Daniel Lewis, Missouri (Blue Springs)* 2 174 lbs. - Brit Wilson, Northern Illinois (Mexico) 13 285 lbs. - Demetrius Thomas, Pittsburgh (McCluer) 8 285 lbs. - Zach Elam, Missouri (Staley) 20

    Flo 2021 Big Board

    HS 126: Teague Travis, Father Tolton High School dec. Ethen Miller, Park Hill High School, 13-6
  14. excellent - very helpful for tournament draft contests

    PDF NCAA Brackets

    How about Joe Smith getting the 33 seed? ouch