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  1. He is doing great. getting ready for college and enjoying his time off. Ty was in jakes bracket again this weekend,but they didnt get to wresle again. ty and jake were kinda of bummed out about it, but all oh well it was fun to see ty wrestle agin. I enjoyed talking with your dad he is nice man. be safe over there and good luck to ty this coming year
  2. Any one know who all is going from missouri
  3. That funny ****! coming from you. lol
  4. wisdom All I can say is wisdom is a stud. I wish him the best.I think most college have the kids cut to much. I Know nothing about wisdoms situation. Im just saying I think if A kids could lift and put on weight and eat we would not see so many of them quit. but what do i know
  5. Ya I know he is a little **** head but you got to love him anyway. he almost to good looking to be a cook.: )
  6. It starts today. I would like to say good luck to all the kids from timberland and mo.And good luck to my son jake cook
  7. Me! No Jake. Ricky in his time
  8. I would think Kelleher and cook both would be on the list.
  9. Timberland is sending 5 kids to the nhsca tourny Orlando,10th Freise 11th ,Hawks 10th Cook 12th and Magrew 12th. Cant wait to see who all is going to be there from Missouri
  10. 2 time runner up at state and a couple natl tour placement.
  11. Look like my son Jake cook might be going to MU
  12. Missouri is becoming a wresting state thanks mshsaa
  13. Name the best refs in the state. I but we come up with the same names like we alway do . Post away
  14. it should have been 2 for Amos. That's the way I saw it. Both kids are very good wrestlers. I love to watch both of them wrestle. I had no dog in the fight. Like I said that was the way I saw it. as for as my son grabbing on his singlet he did after his hand slipped off of his leg. it was not on purpose but it was a good call. it just sucked it had an affect on the out come. But there were two very bad calls during the match. If I can figure out how to post it I will. but thatS not taking any thing from janes . He is an outstanding wrestler I wish him the best. And it wa
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