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  1. One thing I saw is speculation that Leeth will not be wrestling this season. I'm not sure why, but that would open things up for Hart at 141 maybe. Also, as I mentioned before, no need for redshirts.
  2. Yep. Figured once Mizzou lost one, they'd lose both. On the bright side, they did just get a commitment from Nathan Pulliam.
  3. No Ethen Miller, unfortunately
  4. HS - 113 Dack Punke (Border) won by tech fall over Anthony Pisciotta (Missouri) (TF 18-0) HS - 120 Connor Brown (Missouri) won by fall over Paxton Rosen (Border) (Fall 3:28) HS - 126 Cameron Valdiviez (Missouri) won by decision over Jet Taylor (Border) (Dec 13-6) HS - 132A Daton Fix (Border) won by fall over Colin Valdiviez (Missouri) (Fall 3:46) HS - 132B Jason Renteria (Border) won in tie breaker - 1 over Alec Hagan (Missouri) (TB-1 3-1) HS - 138 Taylor Brown (Missouri) won by major decision over Jack Karstetter (Border) (Maj 20-9)
  5. Show Me Games in Columbia used to have an open division. I'm sure Midwest Nationals in Bloomington, Ill still does their open division. Both of these tournaments are in July, I think.
  6. That's unfortunate. Hate to see that, especially this time of year.
  7. True. They wrestled twice: Cameron Valdiviez (Rockhurst) over Sean Sax (Waynesville) (Dec 7-5) Sean Sax (Waynesville) over Cameron Valdiviez (Rockhurst) (Dec 4-2) ...and Sax lost to both Kloeppel and Kusick. We all know the transitive property doesn't necessarily mean anything in this sport, but looking at common opponents does support the point of them being significant wins. Should be fun to watch this weekend!
  8. I know that at least at the youth level, you don't "have" to wear a singlet. There are a few teams out there already that compete in the shorts/shirt competition gear, so it is already allowed. Likewise, I do not see why wearing that gear should not be at least allowed at the HS level. There's no need to get rid of the singlet. If an individual does not want to wear a singlet, then give them that option. I'm also in the camp that thinks the majority of kids that use that excuse wouldn't last long either way, but I still see no harm in addressing it as an option. If it brings in a few mor
  9. Lalum

    Pee-Wee Division

    They begin around the same time (for most), but end at different times (likely on purpose). MSHSAA (HS) championships are around Feb 16th or 17th AAU State (Youth & HS division) is the last weekend in February. USA State (Youth) is typically at the end of March.
  10. Lalum

    Pee-Wee Division

    USA wrestling has a 6&Under division (5 & 6yrs old). AAU wrestling has a Tot division (born 2011 or later). Weights look to be 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, HWT.
  11. Schwartzkopf wrestled Friday but not Saturday. Wait hasn't competed since before GACs. Hopefully he should be back some time before Districts.
  12. Kids burn out every year. It just seems like a big deal with these kids since they have a higher profile. We could do our part as adults by not contributing to whatever stress they may be enduring (i.e. celebrating the success of these athletes and finding a way to have discussions about their accomplishments without personally attacking their ability or character). I hope whichever of these kids that has stepped away from the sport can find their way back at some point. The sport is better with them in it, and I hope they are better men when they're involved with the sport. And no, I do
  13. Eierman moving to 141 for the Scuffle. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/49818-scuffle-surprise-missouri-lineup-change-coming It will be interesting to see where this goes.
  14. I would disagree. Just loosely looking at lineups (excluding last season's seniors, BUT using wrestlers at last year's weight), I've got each winning 7 weights. Others may disagree at a weight or two, but it wouldn't amount to either side destroying the other in either case. Now, if you want to talk depth, KC is still quite a bit ahead in that category. Everything is cyclical and the STL area seems to be improving in that area, but that's the absolute truth as of today.
  15. I don't think there is any doubt that Smith does an amazing job with what has seemingly never been a top ranked recruiting class. But, I think it's still fair to question why so few of the top recruits have Mizzou in their top 5 given our success over the past decade. I understand that our success is fairly recent, but we've been a top notch program about as long as many of these high schoolers have been old enough to pay attention.
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