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  1. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    Mocco had his chance to win that. bummer.
  2. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    when watching college wrestling and you're not sure what is going on or what to call it just say "funk".
  3. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    a win's a win's a win - yikes. Congrats, Schmitt.
  4. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    good scrap by Surtin; I really liked his effort, just up against one of the best.
  5. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    agree with your takes MLBRUEM. No one was able to watch Elam's loss I guess except those that were there and unfortunate as he came out gangbusters in either his first or second match - the one where he pinned his opponent quite early. I sure hope Kent gets going with conditioning between today and the NCAAs. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because I don't know what's been up with him (i.e,. his absence) since Iowa State in January.
  6. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    Flanders, just curious, what other sites do you follow for information on tigerstyle?
  7. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    question: Trackwrestling has Jeremiah Kent listed under "Non-Scoring Team Members" (this in the Event > MAC Tournament > Teams tab ). What does this mean? I guess that Kent's wins (hopefully) don't count towards the team score? that would be a bummer. Thanks.
  8. If I'm reading through this next list correctly, maybe Lock Haven is Division 1? also North Dakota State and Presbyterian College. https://www.ncsasports.org/womens-wrestling/colleges
  9. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    thanks for the info flanders.
  10. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    So is Brown then prevented from wrestling in the NCAA Tournament?
  11. on the topic of speculation, wrestling and Mizzou - anyone ever hear if Mizzou has considered a female squad?
  12. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    wowsers. very sorry to read this. :-(
  13. You would almost think that more than a few in the MAC would want us out of the MAC.
  14. My sense is that this is much more wishful thinking than it is reality. I have not come across any source that gives any substance to us moving to the Big 12 (as much as I would like to see it happen). I would be delighted to be corrected on my impression.
  15. Joedog3

    MAC Tournament

    seeding information (brackets to come later in the week): https://getsomemaction.com/news/2021/2/23/mac-announces-pre-seeds-for-mac-wrestling-championships.aspx from University of Missouri Wrestling facebook page: streaming info via host school, Rider (with ESPN+ being large and in charge for the semis and the finals): https://getsomemaction.com/tournaments/?id=148
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