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  1. 1) The ticket line on Thursday morning is ridiculous... I'm sure many parents missed the grand march... the line was 80 yards long... this is typical for MSHSAA the state cross country was almost as bad. 2) Friday sucks as a spectator- its too long...... one semi finals match at a time is like watching grass grow.... you are not going to get the average fan now a days to sit through it. Learn from MLB they are trying ways to shorten the game not make it longer. 3) Please add
  2. I might have heard that Connor Brown graduated early. So he could transfer wherever he pleases? thus he would be eligible? not sure on that but would like to hear the scoop. with that being said I would rather him redshirt and have him for next year.
  3. he has a shot if you went to the Illinois dual! he probably needs to create more offense to the other side to open up his shot to his power side.
  4. i knew those were too easy for you.... I thought 32 might stump you a bit
  5. well that was an ass whipping 133
  6. trivia for old people 2022-Messenbrinks Dad 1)What high school did his dad go to in Missouri? 2) who was his high school drill partner? 3)and what college did he attend?
  7. I'm sure they keeping Hart strong for the End Game = March
  8. slideby

    Dylan Wisman?

    First lets review the facts College wrestling season ends in March - its a long season 184 - Wisman has been banged up and doesn't need a lot of matches don't worry 184 - Marriott if you look back 2 seasons ago was knocking at the door to All-American, last season he had a fracture that no one diagnosed for a long time and tried to wrestle through it and now (after a long resting period) is trying to wrestle back into form and if you look at him he is probably not at the right weight class... hes probably 3-6 months away from feeling fully back to form. 174 - Flynn/ Kent
  9. I heard Herron got the job at Fox... went back home!!!!! wants to coach his daughters
  10. My bet is Hawks will sign with MU... not sure on Penner (prodigy of Oak Park and somehow they got the notion Oklahoma was a better place?) but if we sign them both that would be some great depth.
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