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  1. I was able to find and print them by searching tournaments on track.
  2. Teams attending Carthage--ranked 7th Class 4 Helias--ranked 7th Class 3 Kirksville Oak Grove--ranked 3rd Class 2 Olathe North--ranked 5th 6A Platte County Rockwood Summit Smithville--ranked 6th Class 3 St. James Academy Warrensburg William Chrisman Ranked Wrestlers 106 Kolby McClain--Smithville--1 Carter Prenger--Helias--6 Cael Alderman--Olathe North--2 113 Kaden Scarborough--Oak Grove--4 120 Jack Lage--Helias--3 Joe Triscornia--Olathe North--3 126 Keegan Slyter--Olathe North--1 132 Keegan Scarborough--Oak Grove--5 Eli Rocha--Platte County--1 Jacob Schrimpf--Helias--5 Dagan Sappington--Carthage--6 Alec Samuelson--Olathe North--6 138 Devan Lewis--Smithville--1 Alexy Salaz--Helias--4 Gunner Murphy--Olathe North--4 145 Anthony Erickson--Oak Grove--3 Ryan Hampton--Smithville--3 Jose Cervantes--Olathe North--4 152 Jaden Ballinger--Kirksville--2 Nikolai Careaga--Helias--6 160 None 170 Adrian Whitehead--Oak Grove--6 182 Hunter Chaney--Oak Grove--5 Tristan Gillespie--Kirksville--6 195 Isaac Steen--St. James--6 Zander Brinegar--Oak Grove--6 220 Kale Schrader--Carthage--1 Cade Lautt--St. James--2 285 Devin Alewine--Oak Grove--6 Brener Ocana--Carthage--5 Brandon Pena--Olathe North--6
  3. Ranked wrestlers at the tournament 106 None 113 4--Anthony Mariche--Grandview 5--Dru Azcona--Grain Valley 1--Owen Uhls--Fulton 2--Ethan Day--Excelsior Springs HM--Caden Miller--Lawson 120 5--Drew Stanfield--LSW 1--Jackson Caswell--Fulton 126 4--Trenton Starr--Grain Valley 2--Landen Davis--Excelsior Springs 132 6--Dagan Sappington--Carthage 1--Sam Hrabovsky--Fulton 138 None 145 2--Cristian Dixon--St. Joe Benton 6--Damon Ashworth--Excelsior Springs 4--Kyle Sizemore--Lawson 152 None 160 4--Braden Carpenter--Lawson 170 5--Roman Bushek--LSW 4--Drake Tipton--Grain Valley 1--Tanner Leonard--Lawson 182 None 195 None 220 1--Kale Schrader--Carthage 285 3--Mario Quezada--Grandview 5--Brener Ocana--Carthage
  4. You have to look at their weight loss plan. If they came in at 182, the plan will show their descent every day until they get to 7% body fat, at which time they can't go any lower. There is an appeals process if you don't like the results of your assessment, but you only have 72 hours from the time of the initial assessment to request the appeal. After 72 hours, you lose the ability to appeal and are stuck with the initial assessment.
  5. Malcolm Crosdale(Ray South 3A) has to be in the mix. I believe he only wrestled two years and won it his senior year at 275.
  6. What are the odds that Seneca bumps up to Class 2 with a net 4 schools moving down to Class 1?
  7. So I am assuming that Helias will be back down in class 2 without the multiplier. Haven't won Districts in 6 years and haven't placed top 4 at State.
  8. I wish that they would just get rid of the 6 and under division. I advise any parents looking to start their kids to wait until they are either 8 or 10.
  9. It still has to be voted on by the member schools. The advisory board got it put onto the ballot.
  10. The advisory committee doesn't put things into effect. It makes recommendations. I know that the 45 match limit is on the MSHSAA ballot this year. If you have an opinion one way or the other, let your principal and AD know how you would like them to vote.
  11. Got it. Read into it more than I was supposed to.
  12. What does it have to do with it? I recruit kids out of the hallway from the first day of school up until the first day of wrestling. We do our testing two weeks into the season, this year on Nov. 12th. If our class is going to be determined by the number of kids we have out, why encourage kids to participate who might not contribute that season, or the next two seasons
  13. How about you put 64 teams in Class 1, 64 in Class 2, 64 in Class 3, and use Class 4 as the catch-all like football does in Class 5. That is more teams in each District to help fill the brackets while still allowing for a 16-man bracket in all classifications. More teams than that in each District could cause the possibility of having to use a 32-man bracket. It would also pull larger bubble teams down a class to help fill brackets. Would it prevent byes at the State tournament, not necessarily, but it would lower the possibility of it happening. How many teams that signed up for wrestling this year didn't bring a team to Districts?
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