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  1. We had enough kids sign up so Camp is on!! Updated with a two and a one day option!!! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y-tUPiwSu1_NrCdHQIHiNXREZXvYPNm-9h1BRwZ_riw/edit?usp=sharing
  2. World Champ Sammie Henson will be here at St. Clair High June, 8,9 and 10!!! Info and registration here. Youth thru High School. Open to other local School District Students as well! Share the great news!!! https://bulltrained.com/summer-camps/ Bull Trained 3 Day Commuter Camp Saint Clair High School Missouri June 8th – 10th 2019 – $200 1015 High School Drive Saint Clair, MO 63077 Sample Schedule 9:00AM – 11:15AM Technique Session I (Wrestling technique drills & some live wrestling) 11:15AM – 12:15PM Lunch (Participants are encou
  3. I am preparing a proposal for our local School Board to add Junior High Wrestling. I have gathered some information from other coaches but can always use more. If you have recently put together a proposal like this for your community, please share with me at mjhughes@stcmo.org Thanks for any info anyone may have that could help.
  4. Still looking for more teams for our Tournament (info above). Please contact Brobbins@stcmo.org if interested and let anyone you know that may be looking for a varsity tournament. Thanks!
  5. Below are the teams that have committed to attending our tournament Jan 19 and Jan 20th. We would welcome a few more teams. We have a great facility, run it on four mats and awesome hospitality room put on by our parents. If you are interested should contact our A.D. , Brian Robbins at brobbins@stcmo.org St. Clair Parkway North Parkway West Potosi Borgia Christian O'Fallon Southern Boone Maplewood Priory Herculaneum Palmyra Also on duals. 1) We have one open dual date. We c
  6. Wondering who all is planning to go to two piece uniforms this season? We are considering switching over but undecided at this point. What is everyone else thinking on this?
  7. Date new Districts to be released Per Greg Stahl, MSHSAA... Friday, September 23, 2016.
  8. More info on the openings section but we are looking for five more teams to make a 12 team tournament on 1/21/17. Just posting here to make sure as many Class 2 teams as possible view it. Thanks.
  9. Great stuff. I have a request. Maybe it is already posted somewhere but can you direct me to or post the names, grades records of each School's qualifiers like they do in the program?
  10. We are running a tournament using trackwrestling for the first time. We want to run an individual style tournament keeping team points, placing thee individuals in each weight. The hiccup is we have an odd number of teams (nine). Has anyone else run a tourney like this on trackwrestling as we can import the brackets etc. from there if it worked out well for you. Or even if not on track does anyone have a suggestion for the best way to bracket a nine team tournament. We don't want to make it a dual meet tourney. Thanks for any thoughts some of you may have.
  11. Tired of dealing with t-shirts and such. Anyone know of a good online team store outfit? Would like a Missouri company if possible.
  12. I am getting ready to go to our Booster Club for either a cameras, I pads or something similar for our managers to film with matside. I recently came across this App that integrates mat side scoring as well. http://www.matbossapp.com/ Wondering if anyone in Missouri wrestling has used this and what your experience is with it. Good, bad or otherwise? I assume an IPad of some sort would work best but I could be wrong. Thoughts, ideas? What do you find that works best for your program. We may also use Huddle this year if we don't go with the Mat Boss. Any suggestions on this w
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