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  1. nemesis

    MAC Tournament

    This morning on fl radio live someone said that there was a rumor that Brown is dinged up. They said that Surtin is going instead. anything further on this?
  2. too many things have to happen. big 12 brass has to sign off on it. the sec has to sign off on it .missouri brass ditto. coach Smith has to want to bail on the mac after taking us in when we were in limbo. i really can't see all those things happening.?
  3. pretty sure the RV after wyoming means that they were receiving votes.
  4. with the "free" year for everyone whats everyone's take on the lineup now? will any freshman make the line up? O'Toole and Elam with the best chance? it's all just speculation without knowing the weights,of course. has anyone heard any info on how things are looking with weights or progress of any the the wrestlers? should i be asking other questions like...when do we start? and are we even going to have a season? thanks for any input.
  5. Thanks. Pulliam is a real good get i think. He has had some recent success at the national level.
  6. what happened here? did he decommit? i thought i saw his brother just signed for mizzou,also.?
  7. if an ncaa tournament has to canceled i'm glad its this one. Not the best year for us. It sucks,though. top ten finishes are still intact? or was it top 15?
  8. He reminds me of Marable. Hard to take down and wins matches by 1 or 2 points. but always seems to win.
  9. I think the cut has been a factor with the first 3 weights.Hart seems to be getting his under control of late,but Dack and Grant seem to struggle with it this year. Just a guess on my part.?
  10. link to watch replay.....
  11. nemesis

    Dylan Wisman?

    He pinned Canton in the finals of the southeast open so I think it's his spot. I was hoping to see Raschka. Anyone know anything about him?
  12. Cornell has Max Dean in the finals also.
  13. Elam destroyed the back half of the bracket in vegas. I was hoping he could do the same here.We shall see.
  14. nemesis

    MAC Seeding

    With one bid for 165,I don't like to seeing Yinger in the second round.Kid gave Flynn fits the last time.
  15. I'm glad I kept mine going,now. I was waiting to see what Mizzou baseball and softball games might come up on it.
  16. You forgot to note the time of the "shout out."
  17. You even got a "shout out."
  18. nemesis


    Noah Surtin is there at 120 juniors. Illinios kid but Mizzou bound.
  19. Not from Misssouri but I see Mocco is #2 at 152.
  20. nemesis

    NCAA's day 3

    Was Flynn at 165 because because Joey was at 157? I wonder what his cut has been like this year.
  21. I hope the third place kid got in.
  22. mizzou twitter says nine will be there.
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