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  1. Thanks. Pulliam is a real good get i think. He has had some recent success at the national level.
  2. what happened here? did he decommit? i thought i saw his brother just signed for mizzou,also.?
  3. if an ncaa tournament has to canceled i'm glad its this one. Not the best year for us. It sucks,though. top ten finishes are still intact? or was it top 15?
  4. He reminds me of Marable. Hard to take down and wins matches by 1 or 2 points. but always seems to win.
  5. I think the cut has been a factor with the first 3 weights.Hart seems to be getting his under control of late,but Dack and Grant seem to struggle with it this year. Just a guess on my part.?
  6. link to watch replay.....
  7. nemesis

    Dylan Wisman?

    He pinned Canton in the finals of the southeast open so I think it's his spot. I was hoping to see Raschka. Anyone know anything about him?
  8. Cornell has Max Dean in the finals also.
  9. Elam destroyed the back half of the bracket in vegas. I was hoping he could do the same here.We shall see.
  10. nemesis

    MAC Seeding

    With one bid for 165,I don't like to seeing Yinger in the second round.Kid gave Flynn fits the last time.
  11. I'm glad I kept mine going,now. I was waiting to see what Mizzou baseball and softball games might come up on it.
  12. You forgot to note the time of the "shout out."
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