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  1. Congratulations on your 150 win
  2. Flip a coin D2. D3 will have 2 days of don't blink
  3. This is a great way to see a lot of wrestlers you normal don't see until state. I like to see how freshman handle things,
  4. I guess I need to learn to recruit
  5. I would have like to see those matches
  6. I wish that private schools would all use the multiplier since they can recruit
  7. I think marceline is 3 /4 Seneca -Whitfield fighting 1/2 I judge buffalo this weekend. They have some ranked wrestlers that I will enjoy watching
  8. Hat off to Seneca coaches,they have there men mentally ready. They came to state to wrestle and who ever was across from them did not for the most part. Rhoades ot with popwell then gator roll in finals? smith attacking those 2 matches surprised me how it played out.
  9. 2112 I know you know whitfield give some others to look at. you know d1 better then i
  10. romell person is the only one that should take 1 in state that I know of other whitfield men. I was asking does anyone know of some studs that I don't know out of d1
  11. I haven't look at bracket, but watch fulton I thought they looked tough
  12. at least Seneca and Marceline wrestled to make it. I would like to see how many schools other then whitfield and r. person will place in state out of distict 1
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