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  1. This season he's also defeated the Class 1 runner-up, Class 2 #2, 3, 4, & 5, and Class #4 and 6. Bennett's a great kid and has been a great team leader for Westminster. Congrats Bennett on a terrific season and career!
  2. Apologies in advance if I missed anyone. Class 1 Jaydin Clayton - Father Tolton, 132, 30-0 Grant Schottel - Mid-Buchanan, 145, 20-0 Josh Hartzell - Lathrop, 160, 51-0 Max Mickey - Holden, 170, 30-0 Eli Roberts - Blair Oaks, 182, 44-0 Ethan Crowe - Southwest (Livingston), 195, 30-0 Class 2 Jake Vitale - Mexico, 145, 47-0 Maliek Collins - Center, 285, 44-0 Class 3 Zadak Langford - Warrensburg, 152, 50-0 Bennett Lewis - Westminster, 195, 49-0 Jarad Sheppard - Hillsboro, 220, 53-0 Class 4 Daniel Lewis - Blue Springs, 138, 42-0 Nick Olejnik - Lafayette,
  3. Look at those numbers...that's awesome, particularly considering they are all doing it at the same time. Had the privilege of seeing all 3 young men this season.
  4. Obviously...just meant records aren't necessarily an indicator as to who's the better wrestler. I wasn't very clear.
  5. 113 in this district is obviously extreme, but you see the same thing in other classes and districts too. You have one team that wrestles a fairly weak schedule, and their wrestlers have impressive-looking records. You have a comparable team that wrestled a pretty brutal schedule, and a number of their guys are hovering around .500 or worse. Who is better prepared for districts?
  6. Yeah, I can see in theory how it could happen, but it just seems so unlikely. A section of dollamur mat is only 60" high and weighs 20 lbs, and he didn't appear to be particularly small in the photo. I guess the mat had to have been either tethered to the wall or wedged in among the other sections so as to prevent it from falling over when the young man struggled to get free. Tragic and bizarre.
  7. How on earth do you fall down into a rolled up wrestling mat? The thing would have to be rolled extremely loosely to leave enough space
  8. Bennett Lewis Westminster, 195 27-0; defeated: #2CL1; #1,2,8,10 CL2; #3,5,8 CL3; #4 CL4
  9. Top Ten. There's generally a lot less separation between 6-10 than there is 1-5.
  10. any results? Would love to see how some of the brackets shook out.
  11. You might be looking at the 2011-2012 listings. Seneca is Class 1, D2 this year: http://www.mshsaa.org/Activities/ClassAndDistrictAssignments.aspx?alg=64&class=1
  12. jb1256


    Westminster has an account, @WCA_Wrestling, that has been well received by our community. As preceptor noted, you need to do some advance planning before just launching an account. 1. check with your AD and/or school administration to confirm any school policies regarding social media. 2. Westminster has a parent do the "tweeting". Especially during tournaments or duals, this works great to get "real time" updates out to our community. Districts and State last year were a lot of fun. 3. Have a plan on how you want to use it, and plan on tweeting with some regularity. It's li
  13. Windsor, DeSoto, and Westminster are all in Class 3 now.
  14. My prayers go out to the Seaburn family and the Willard community. It was a privilege to watch the young man wrestle this year.
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