Slide By Or Shrug Takedown From Collar Tie: Basic Wrestling Moves and Technique For Beginners

Tutorial Showing A Slide Bye or Shrug Take Down For Beginners. Good takedown, Effective. This Instructional Goes Over The Keys To The Move And Is A Step By Step Breakdown. Subscribe for more wrestling videos, many more coming soon.

This video is for folkstyle and freestyle wrestling. The shrug is an awesome takedown from the collar tie, especially if you can get your timing down. Once you feel him push back, you have to hit it. There is also a version where you pop up the elbow using your wrist, but I find this version to work better.

Great move to hit on guys who are pushing into you with a collar tie, especially an over aggressive wrestler. Great move to stop a bullrush. Found it especially effective for the bigger guys or heavyweights. This move is an effective move from neutral, low risk with a high reward. It doesn’t take much effort, and it can happen so quickly.

This video is good for people who are new to wrestling and looking for instruction, for people just beginning or learning wrestling, or for anyone who wants to improve their wrestling basics or fundamentals.

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