Observations of a Coach Trying to Recruit

There have been many high quality articles, social media posts, etc. written by a variety of high quality coaches, writers, and officials on the topics I’m writing about in this article. Essentially, I’m just reiterating a lot of what’s already been said and written by these fine individuals. Some of things that have been mentioned in the previous works I hadn’t noticed before making the jump to the college level but as I continue to gain experience and go around to different events, I’m finding these observations more commonplace at the high school level.

I was at a quad meet this season featuring both girls and boys wrestling. All four schools represented had varsity lineups for both girls and boys so it was set up to be a good night with some quality matches. I was there specifically for a couple of the wrestlers and because I have had previous connections with some of the coaches.  

However, it didn’t take long for people to show their true colors in a less than stellar way. Sporting contests have a way of revealing character traits, good, bad or indifferent. It made it clear which teams and their fans value sportsmanship, operate with class, and those that tolerate complaining and excuses. 

Observation #1

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