Updated Class 2 Girls Rankings

In an impressive showcase of skill and determination, Nixa High School has emerged as the leading force in Missouri’s Class 2 Girls High School Wrestling Rankings as of January 1, 2024. With a total of 114 rankings points, Nixa stands at the forefront of the wrestling scene, outpacing competitors and setting new standards for excellence.

The rankings, which offer a snapshot of individual and team performances across various weight classes, provide a fascinating insight into the competitive landscape of girls’ high school wrestling in Missouri. As the season unfolds, several trends and standout performances have caught the eye of enthusiasts and analysts alike.

Team Trends:

  • Nixa’s Dominance: Nixa High School has not only topped the charts with an impressive 114 points but also boasts several top-ranked individuals in their respective weight classes. Wrestlers like Kelsey Watts (105 lbs) and Brenya Crahan (145 lbs) have contributed significantly to Nixa’s leading position.
  • Close Contenders: Francis Howell Central and Liberty High School follow closely, with 109 and 103 points, respectively. Their wrestlers’ consistent performances across various weight classes have kept them in the hunt for the top spot.

Individual Standouts:

  • Across the Weights: From Lilly Breeden of Liberty dominating the 100 lbs class to Aaliyah Grammer of Lafayette making waves in the 235 lbs category, the rankings showcase a diverse group of athletes excelling in their respective domains.
  • Top Performers: Every weight class has its wrestlers fans want to watch, with wrestlers like Aroma Marrufo (110 lbs) from Fort Osage and Savanna Franklin (135 lbs) from Belton marking their territory with undisputed first-place rankings.
  • Lilly Breeden of Liberty (100 lbs): Lilly’s position at the top of her weight class speaks to her technical prowess and mental toughness. Her ability to outmaneuver opponents and secure victories has made her a formidable force and a role model for aspiring wrestlers.
  • Aroma Marrufo of Fort Osage (110 lbs): Aroma’s journey to the top is a testament to her hard work and dedication. Her agility and strength in the 110 lbs category have earned her accolades and recognition, setting a high standard for her peers.
  • Angelina Vargas of Park Hill (125 lbs): Angelina’s consistent performance is marked by her strategic approach to each match. Her ability to read opponents and adapt her strategy mid-match makes her a standout athlete in her weight class.

As the Missouri Class 2 Girls High School Wrestling scene unfolds, Nixa High School’s current dominance is a narrative of hard work, strategic prowess, and exceptional talent. However, with close contenders and individual standouts across the board, the season is far from decided. Fans and followers can expect thrilling encounters, strategic battles, and the rise of future stars as the schools vie for the top spot in one of the most competitive wrestling landscapes in the country.

Missouri Class 2 Girls Team Rankings

RankTeamTeam PointsWrestlers Ranked
2Francis Howell Central1097
7Francis Howell575
8Park Hill553
11Grain Valley402
12Fort Osage374
13Fort Zumwalt South333
14Northwest(Cedar Hill)333
21Jefferson City252
22Oak Park251
24Poplar Bluff211
25Rockwood Summit212
26Smith Cotton213
28North Kansas City181
29Platte County181
30Francis Howell North152
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Missouri Class 2 Girls Individual Rankings

1100Lilly BreedenLiberty25
2100Zoey HaneyTroy21
3100Kiara SederbergRolla18
4100Joanne DinhStaley15
5100Taylor ReiterTimberland12
6100Kinley HarkerLee’s Summit West9
HM100Lacey MalonsonLebanon
HM100Sarah KeetonNorthwest(Cedar Hill)
HM100Adilyn HoelzleOzark
HM100Hanna EgleyNixa
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