NCAA Bracket Draws and Pathways (Mizzou Wrestling)

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NCAA Bracket Draws and Pathways (Mizzou Wrestling)

By: Sean Mael


#18 Noah Surtin (8-4)

Record vs. The Field (2-1)

Surtin has wins over #20 Ferri, Kent State and #21 Mastrogiovanni, Oklahoma State and a loss to #4 Drew Hildebrandt, Central Michigan.

First Round Bout: #15 Patrick McKee, Minnesota

Potential Second Round Bout: #2 Sam Latona, Virginia Tech. Thoughts: I like Surtin’s

First Round Bout:

McKee struggles historically with making weight and he looked awful in his first bout at Big Ten’s.

If Surtin can score early and get on top he could make life miserable here for McKee. Surtin is tough on the top position and if he gets there early he will grind on McKee and likely turn him. In the second round Surtin would likely see Latona, which is a much worse match-up. Latona is a longer, and more dynamic offensively than Surtin.

Both wrestlers are tough on top and push the pace, but I think Latona would win by decision here.

If Surtin wins his first bout and drops his second as I would project on the backside he would most likely see the loser of #16 Cody Russell, Appalachian State and #17 Killian Cardinale, West Virginia. Both guys are solid, but it would likely be a very even match-up.

A win for Surtin there would likely net him a R16 bout with one of #7 Taylor Lamont, Utah Valley, #10 Malik Heinselman, Ohio State and #23 Robert Howard, Penn State. That match would be winnable this season in a very wide open 125, but I think Surtin is a step behind the guys he could see here, possibly excepting Howard.