The Quarantine Interviews: Jeremy Phillips, Neosho Head Coach

The Quarantine Interviews (Because I Can’t Be Bothered to be More Creative)

By Derryan Derrough

This week, I sat down with Coach Jeremy Phillips, Head Coach for Class 3 powerhouse and perennial Team Champion Neosho. During his stewardship, Neosho has finished 18th, 7th, 4th (twice), 2nd (twice), & 1st (9 times).

Now, I want you to forget what you think you know about him.

During his time as an educator and coach in Neosho, Phillips has:

  • taught Elementary P.E.
  • coached Strength & Conditioning coach
  • coached Football
  • just finished his eighth year as an Elementary Assistant Principal
  • found God-knows-what time to earn a Doctorate degree last fall

At first, I was nervous to interview him. An introvert that’s talking to someone with a no-nonsense demeanor? At length? For the first time? Ever?

Let’s just see what happens.

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