Rio 2016 Closing Thoughts

This will probably be my last post regarding the Olympic experience. But who knows? There just might be more to come.

First, I want to start out by congratulating Kyle Snyder on a job well done! He is the man! I think there’s something to be said about he and J’den bringing home medals. Not sure what it is – LOL- but two guys who so many wanted to make out to be enemies, end up on the same team and work magic together. Hmmmm…

We are so ecstatic about this Bronze medal! If you watched, you could tell J’den is, too. It’s an indication of hard work, focus, blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice and dedication. My son is an Olympic medalist!

There are several things I’ve learned during these Games that I’d like to share with you:

1. It takes a community. There isn’t one person who can take the credit for J’den’s successes. Not even J’den! He’s had great coaches, family support, friends & teammates behind him for many years to help prepare him for where he is today.

2. This world is very small. Everyone at these Games was here to win or support someone trying to. We had a blast with people from Iran as they cheered for America and we, in turn, cheered for their athletes. If you want to have a good time, find the Iranians!!!

3. Wind storms are very scary in Rio – especially if you’re 9 stories up!

4. Being unable to connect to the Internet isn’t the end of the world – it just feels like it.

5. Wrestling is the greatest sport in the world with the best community of followers. We will cheer for anyone – as long as they’re not wrestling one of ours.

6. Mongolian coaches with literally strip naked, lay down in the middle of the mat and throw a hissy-fit to get the call.

More personally –

7. Americans are uptight. We don’t trust other nations like they do us.  They look up to us. They desire our freedoms. They don’t understand how we take so much for granted.

8. I am one of those who take my liberties for granted. I live in the best nation in the world and can sometimes snub my nose at people who aren’t like me. I don’t want to be like that any more.

9. This world has too many critics. (Couch Coaches) Our young men and women who train in this sport work too doggone hard for you to sit at home and belittle their efforts. They’re not doing this this to make you happy. They do it because they love the sport. They are not always going to be at their best. They get sick. They have injuries. The have brain farts and lapses in judgement. THEY ARE HUMAN! Lay off a little, because…

10. If you could do any better, YOUR MOM would be writing this blog!!!

Love each and every one of you!
I’ve enjoyed sharing this experience and my kid with you.
Signing off from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the 2016 Olympic Games of the 31st Olympiad.

What do you think?

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