The Quarantine Interviews: Zach Elam (Staley/Mizzou)

The Quarantine Interviews (Because I Can’t Be Bothered to be More Creative) featuring Zach Elam By Derryan Derrough

Today, I sat down with Zach Elam – current Mizzou Wrestler, Junior World Silver Medalist, and 3x High School State Champion from Staley, over in the KC area. I remember seeing him at one of the Mizzou summer camps. Let me tell you, I’ve never seen a skyscraper walk until I met this kid. He’s physically imposing, but he’s one of the coolest and kindest kids I’ve ever talked to.

Q: I’ve always wanted to ask you this: How tall are you?

Elam: I’m 6’4. My dad’s about 6’4, 6’5. Rocky [Elam]’s about 6’1 or 2, so we’re all pretty tall.

That’s impressive since I’m 5’3 on a really good day.

Q: Did you have to put on weight when you got to Mizzou, since you wrestled 220 your senior year of high school?