Team Preview: St. Clair Girls

Your school and team: St. Clair Bulldogs

Contact information: Mel Hughes

Social media 

Saint Clair High School Wrestling Wrestling Facebook:

Saint Clair Junior High Wrestling Facebook:

Saint Clair Wrestling on Twitter:  @CoachHughes2015

Wrestling Technique:

Record last year: Undefeated in dual meets, 8-0.  5th Class 2 District 1 Tournament. 

If you are in your first year in this position (or returning), please comment about how much you’re looking forward to this job, how excited you are to be a head coach, etc. Also, if you please could include a little background so we can pass that along to the fans, that would help as well.

This will be my 38th season as a coach and 33rd as a head coach. This is my Third season as Head Coach of our Girls Team. We have had three state qualifiers since starting the program in 2018. Coach Michael Rodgers is our assistant coach in charge of the Girls Team and has done an amazing job with this young program. Coach Rodgers coaches our boys team as well and has helped produce wrestlers who have won 15 state medals, including 4 state finals appearances and 3 state championships. 

Assistant Coaches: 

Matt Woodcock, Assistant boys and girls wrestling coach with focus on Boys team

Michael Rodgers, Assistant boys and girls wrestling coach with focus on Girls Team

Matt Gordon, Head Junior High Coach and Assistant Boys and Girls Varsity Coach

Dakota Bush, Volunteer Assistant Coach

Richard Guinn, Head Coach St. Clair Youth Program.

How many players came out for your teams? How many do you expect to keep (if you haven’t made cuts) or how many did you keep?

20,  We do not cut. 

Number of returning starters 7,

Key Returning players and their positions:

Makayla Johnson, (Sr.) 2020 SQ//Round of 8 finisher, 135 lb. Projected Wt. 132 

Elexis Wohlgemuth, (Sr.) 2020 State Qualifier 142 lb. Projected Wt. 143

Emma Davis, (Sr.) Returning Varsity Letterman Projected Wt. 122

Kaitlyn Janson (Jr.) Returning Varsity Letterman Projected Wt. 137

Hannah Thacker (So.) Returning Varsity Letterman Projected Wt. 127

Lilly Vernon (So.) Retuning Varsity Letterman Projected Wt. 107

Berlyn Wohlgemuth, (Jr.) Returning Varsity Letterman  Projected Wt. 195

Prospective newcomers (with years and positions) who could make an impact on the varsity team this year:

Avari Archer, (Fr.) Projected Wt. 117 lb. 

Summer Fangers (Jr.) Projected Wt. 102

Andrea Penovich (Fr.) Projected Wt. 117 lb. 

Nicole Mutschler (Fr.) Projected Wt. 127

Bonnie Kavenaugh (Fr.) Projected Wt. 127 lb. 

Taylor Johnson, (Sr.) Projected Wt. 112 lb. 

Liberty McKenzie, (So.) Projected Wt. 174 lb. 

Specific team goals:

We feel our team has the talent and experience to battle for a state team trophy.  Finishing undefeated in dual meets last year is another goal we will work to achieve again this season. 

Who do you feel are the teams to beat in your conference and why? Who are the teams to watch in the area and why?  We believe we have the most numbers on our girls team of the Four Rivers conference schools. Last season Union and Sullivan both had quite a few as well. 

What did your team learn from last season that will help improve it this year? 

Most of our team are now second year wrestlers.  The improvement we are seeing in practice has been encouraging to see.  Their technical skills have improved and their high level of motivation has really been evident. 

Do you have any players who were significant contributors last year who didn’t return? I’m not looking to publish this information, just want to make sure that we don’t include athletes who aren’t actually playing this year.

Just our graduating seniors primarily, Cassidy Shoemate, Mackenzie Turner and we had a  couple not come out this season, Emma Barrett and Gabby Marler. 

COVID-19 Bonus Round

What is your team doing to take precautions against COVID-19?

We adhere to all of our local school and community guidelines in all areas related to the health of our athletes.  

What changes will we see in your sport this season due to the pandemic? 

There have been some rules modifications mandated by MSHSAA that will make pre match and post match procedures look a little different such as eliminating pre and post match handshakes with coaches and wrestlers.   We look forward to and appreciate the opportunity to compete in as safe and healthy an environment as possible.