Team Preview: Maysville Girls

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Team Schedule
Fort Osage Scamble
Mid Buch Tourney
Sam Martin Tourney
Brookfield Tourney
Benton Tourney
GRC tourney
Roster/Projected lineup
Hailey Lemunyon soph 126
Chloe Wade soph 120
Trinity Hines
Ashland Clark
Sam Gripka
Some accomplishments of your team and wrestlers
Last season was filled with covid and injuries.
General thoughts on your program and team
Maysville has a history of girls coming through the program from youth to high school before mshsaa made the split. With Lindsay Walsh wrestling all 4 years having great success but graduating just before the split.

Zoey Sesrs, Lexi Nichols, Mckenzie Gilreath being the first group to compete in girls district. Gilreath having + .500 her freshman year before the split and missing boys state by losing put in the bubble match.

She bounced back nicely the next year making it all the way to the first girls state finals. She is a key loss going into this year’s season, but she is continuing her Wrestling career at Lindenwood U. this year.

Now it’s Hailey Lemunyon’s turn to carry the torch with help of Chloe Wade. Lemunyon took 5th in boys rookie state and 5th the following day at girls state her 8th grade year. Lemunyon caught the injury bug as a freshman and couldn’t finish the season, she is coming v off a big sophomore season in softball pitching for the wolverines.

Look for her to have a big bounce back season. Look for Chloe Wade to start turning it on as well.
Who’s on the coaching staff?
Coaches are Erik Zug, Tyler Arnold, Raymond Harris.

Coach Zug has big expectations for Lemunyon as the experience from working with/coaching Walsh and Gilreath helps.

“Girls are muscularly built different than boys, some moves and techniques work better for girls than boys. A first hand experience that comes to mind for me is when I was at Benton, Randi Beltz tech’d us in the quarters finals, then later pinned Bryce Dixon in the state tournament for 3rd. She repeatedly nailed us with a fireman’s, she even did it to Van Hoose in the semis but wasn’t rewarded her points. She had strength in certain positions that guys are not strong in. So it through us off. So now we as a coaching staff explain to them don’t worry about how the boys wrestle, you girls are going to use different moves using different muscles to get the edge.”

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