Team Missouri Fargo Results

Team MO: Fargo

Team Missouri has been wrestling great at Fargo, including three national champs: Joshua Saunders (CBC), Nonnie Justice (Harrisonville), and Faith Cole (Lafayette).

All-Americans in the 16U division include Eli Rocha, Platte County (3rd), Kage Lenger, Liberty (3rd), Jack Darrah, CBC (3rd), Jacob Mann, Ladue (3rd), Carter Mccallister (3rd), Kolby Warren (3rd).

In the Junior division, All-Americans include Trey Crawford (Park Hill) 7th, Nate Pulliam (Rolla) 4th, Rocky Elam (Staley) 4th, Cael Keck (Park Hill) 3rd, Jeremiah Reno (Liberty) 3rd, Wyatt Henson (CBC) 3rd, Ethen Miller (Park Hill) 2nd, Joshua Saunder (CBC) 1st.

In the 16U Women’s division, All-Americans include: Samantha Archer (Ray-Pec) 8th, Brooke Bennett 7th, Abigail Bolling (Plattsburg) 6th, Ester Han (Holt) 3rd, Haley Ward 2nd, Maddie Kubicki (Park Hill South) 2nd, Nonnie Justice (Harrisonville) 1st, Faith Cole (Lafayette) 1st.

All-Americans in the Greco Junior Division include Cael Keck (Park Hill) 7th, Khyler Brewer (Staley) 8th, Greyden Penner (Liberty) 7th, Jackson White (Liberty) 6th, Joshua Saunders (CBC) 4th, and Colton Hawks (Holt) 3rd.

In the Junior Women’s Freestyle All-Americans include Ava Miller 8th, Lexie Cole (Kearney) 7th, Nonnie Justice (Harrisonville) 7th, Brooke-Lynn Rush (St. Joe Benton) 6th, Esther Han (Holt) 5th, Jaycee Foeller (DeSoto) 3rd, Faith Cole (Layfayette) 2nd.

All-Americans in the Greco 16U Division include Kyle Dutton (Liberty) 6th, David Brooks (Staley) 5th, Kobly Warren 5th, Michael Fanz 5th, Jack Darrah (CBC) 2nd.