Some of Missouri’s Best Girls Scramble to Seckman

This Saturday, some of the top girl’s teams in the state gathered at the Seckman Women’s Scramble in scenic Imperial, Missouri. The home team was joined by Lebanon, Nixa, Harrisonville, Rockwood Summit, and Lafayette (Wildwood). Seckman coach Ryan Moyer said that he had more scheduled but were unable to attend due to other team obligations. Though the team list was small, the competition was intense.

Though there were only six teams, there were many hammers in the field, including five top-ranked and fifteen total ranked girls in the state, and they all came in to prove they are the early favorite to take home the team state title. 

Nixa’s Ashlyn Eli (#1 @ 102) bumped up to 107 and took the title by defeating Lillian Cottongim (#4 @ 107) by first period fall. 

Faith Cole (#1 @ 112) had five matches and five first period falls, including a dominant 24 second pin over Harrisonville wrestler Alana Lopez who had a 21-1 record going into the bout. 

Chloe Herrick (#1 @ 117) battled another undefeated opponent in Lebanon’s Kaylyn Rogers (#4 @ 117) and relied on solid defense to control the match and take the victory 3-0.