Pair of Platte County State Finalist take home medals from Nationals

By Austin Denson

Platte County finished 12th this year at the Girls State Tournament. Believe it or not, the two names you see here, Sarina Bertram and Kaylyn Munn, are fully responsible for that finish. Two qualifiers, two-state finalists. These girls didn’t cool off for the offseason, they heated up. Both bumping up a weight took home 5th and 3rd respectively against some tough opponents.

Bertram started with the cards stacked against her with a 2x state champion from Tennessee, who had won the USA Preseason Nationals just back in October. Bertram didn’t let it faze her as she was cruised by her first backside opponent from Virginia. In the bloodround unfortunately Bertram’s opponent had to medical forfeit. Next Bertram had a fellow state finalist this time from Michigan, beating her in a tight 5-2 match.

The consi-semis was bittersweet for Bertram. Facing the same opponent that she started the day with she improved the match result from a fall to a brutally close 3-2 match placing her in the fifth-place match. Bertram gave herself some breathing room and rolled to an 8-2 over a 3rd place state finisher from Oklahoma.

Munn only had 8 total wrestlers in her bracket but she didn’t have an easy start for herself squeaking by a 4x Indiana state placer and 3x champ 3-2. Munn faced off against another top-tier opponent in her semifinals in the shape of a North Carolina state champ. Munn took her to the second period but lost the match due to a pin.

Munn returned the favor in her next match pinning an Ohio state qualifier in under a minute to go to the third-place match! Going for third Munn didn’t lose focus and secured her medal with another fall in the second period improving her result against her first opponent of the day. These two girls are showing they are willing to put Platte County on their back and if they get a couple of helpful teammates we could see them with a team trophy soon.