Class 1 Girls 3rd-6th Place Medalist

100 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Emma Lewis of Lone Jack
4th Place – Mya Hairston of Festus
5th Place – Makenna Alden of Lafayette (St. Joseph)
6th Place – Maddie Dauber of Marceline

105 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Aleah Conard of El Dorado Springs
4th Place – Riley Walker of Kearney
5th Place – Haley Brooks of Holden
6th Place – Jasmynne Green of Sikeston

110 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Bailey Martin of Kearney
4th Place – Alyxandrea Keifert of Marshfield
5th Place – Makayla Mallatt of Butler
6th Place – Jordyn Smith of Lawson

115 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Annie Moore of Cassville
4th Place – Kali Jensen of Wright City
5th Place – Louzella Graham of Seneca
6th Place – Jenna Spencer of Monett

120 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Zoe Fisher of Pacific
4th Place – Savannah McDowell of Kearney
5th Place – Macie James of Marshfield
6th Place – Jordan Diercks of Lathrop

125 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Chloe Herrick of Harrisonville
4th Place – Emily Bischoff of Odessa
5th Place – Jaclyn Riedinger of North Andrew
6th Place – Cooper McDonald of Sherwood

130 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Lauren Phillips of Oak Grove
4th Place – Eddyson Reeves of Herculaneum
5th Place – Noellie Parrott of Smithville
6th Place – Vada Burton of Excelsior Springs

135 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Payton Weese of Marceline
4th Place – Ariaha Mcillwain of Marshfield
5th Place – McKayla Knight of Lathrop
6th Place – Nikeshia Davis of West Plains

140 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Sierra Brassfield of Lathrop
4th Place – Mya Sackrey of Brookfield
5th Place – Charlie Gregg of Holden
6th Place – Dorie Richardson of Sullivan

145 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Riley Howell of Brookfield
4th Place – Karydon Jones of Gallatin
5th Place – Dani Gullet of Pacific
6th Place – Valorie Gabrielli of Polo

155 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Ella Bradley of DeSoto
4th Place – Halie Eaton of Blair Oaks
5th Place – Liberty Cornell of Seneca
6th Place – Addy Pasley of Southern Boone

170 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Caelyn Hanff of Wright City
4th Place – Alana Thelin of Pleasant Hill
5th Place – Madisynn Crawford of Kirksville
6th Place – Bailee Dare of Owensville

190 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Brooke Bennett of North County
4th Place – Ellie Pickett of Smithville
5th Place – Emma Steimle of Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau)
6th Place – Kyla Finney of Jefferson City

235 Class 1 Girls
3rd Place – Selena Snell of University Academy Charter
4th Place – Sarah Huffman of Versailles
5th Place – Sydney Searcy of Eldon
6th Place – Reya Bristow of Sullivan

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Class 1 Boys 3rd-6th place Medalist

Class 2 Boys 3rd-6th Place Medalist