Ali Haiser admits she was a little surprised by how well she did at Fargo (we weren’t)…

Ali Haiser will admit she was a little surprised by how well she did at the USMC Junior & 16U National Championships earlier this month in Fargo.

The Lebanon standout reached the championship match of the 16U 164-pound bracket and finished second in her first trip to the FargoDome.

“I have to say the whole week was full of surprises,” said the junior-to-be at the Ozark Conference school.”I didn’t know what to expect. I was really proud of the outcome of my trip. I made a lot of new friends and the coaches really supported the whole team and really made us feel connected with wrestling. It was a lot of fun.”

Haiser’s bracket in the 16U bracket saw her go 3-1 and three of those four foes earned All-American honors. She opened with a 13-4 win and then started her run of three straight opponents that were on the medal stand.

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Written by Cody Thorn