Wonder Woman Recap Part 1: Overall Impressions

The word I consistently heard during the two-day competition was, “wow.” Everyone knew this tournament was going to be big. Really big. Numbers-wise, there were over 500 girls in all brackets. The quality was unmatched in any tournament so far not only in Missouri, but anywhere in the Midwest. Everybody knew that it was going to have state-wide implications for rankings, district seeding, and overall confidence going into the second half of the season. That’s not, however, what they were talking about. 

The “wow” factor everyone was talking about was the level of competition to which every single girl ascended. The girls were all feeding off of each other’s energy and wrestling like nobody had seen them wrestle before, especially on the second day. 

Many wrestlers came into the tournament with unblemished records, so this was likely the first place where they wrestled a full six-minute match, let alone took a loss. It was a State Tournament-like vibe in which every match mattered, and everything they had was left on the mat.

I’m going to go over some of the top highlights and finals from this tournament. Part 2 will cover each finals match in more detail.

Included in this recap:

  • Lebanon Cruises to the Championship
  • Cassville Put Everyone on Notice
  • Freshmen Announce Their Presence
  • This Is Only the Beginning
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Written by Josh Bauer

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