Wentworth Announces Women’s Wrestling Program
Lexington, MO – Tom Hughes, Athletic Director at Wentworth Military Academy and College, has announced the addition of Women’s Wrestling to the College Athletic program.  The program is set to launch in the fall of 2016.

The Women’s Wrestling program will be a member of the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association – the governing body for Women’s Collegiate Wrestling.  Wentworth will be the 29thcollege to add Women’s Wrestling.  Currently there are eleven collegiate Women’s Wrestling programs in the Midwest (Missouri 3, Kansas 2, Iowa 1, Illinois 3, and Oklahoma 2).  As with the Wentworth Men’s Wrestling program, the Women’s team will compete in duals and tournaments throughout the Midwest.

“One of the questions I have been asked is, “Why women’s wrestling?” Girls and Women’s Wrestling are among the fastest growing sports in the country.  Currently there are over 42,000 high school female wrestlers in the US.  And, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, California, Texas and Tennessee hold state championships in girls wrestling.  We will have a recruiter at the State Championship event in California and Texas.  We want to be on the national forefront of establishing a quality Women’s Wrestling program,” stated Hughes.

“We will be recruiting student-athletes regionally, nationally, and internationally to build a quality Women’s Wrestling program,” added Hughes.  The program will fall under the direction, initially, of Richard (Shane) Reickard.  Reickard serves as the Men’s Wrestling Coach. We will be launching a national search to find a quality coach to lead our Women’s team,” added Hughes.

Wentworth will host the “War of the Roses” Wrestling tournament April 1-3.  The “War of the Roses” is an event for female wrestlers from around the Nation.  The “War of the Roses” is a sanctioned Championship event under the direction of USA Wrestling.

For additional information contact:

Tom Hughes                                        Shane Reickard
Athletic Director                            Head Men’s Wrestling Coach
thughes@wma.edu                                rreickard@wma.edu


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