The World Needs Heroes

Produced by: Derryan Derrough

David Bowie’s “Heroes” popped into my head while I was writing this. How fitting. We love the hero’s story. We love the anti-hero’s story, too. Think about – if you were there – at the NCAA tournament, when Kyle Snyder came running out to the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin theme. The journey is central to our being, as people. Why do you think people love the superhero genre?

Because, again … people love heroes.

People love villains, too. Remember, in The Dark Knight, when the Joker (played awesomely by Heath Ledger) said, “I don’t want to kill you! What would I do without you?” We need the ebb and flow. We need the school rivalries. We need the occasional Thomas Gilman interview. Before I go on, I want to establish something. I learned this while writing books about heroes and villains:

Someone you look to as a hero may be a villain in someone else’s eyes.

When Isaiah Martinez got pinned(!) by Vincenzo Joseph, my two consecutive thoughts were:

  1. A) Wow! I did NOT see that coming!
  2. B) He’ll be back.
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Zach Elam (Team Central) FALL Hunter Pyle (Republic) :59
Nickolas Gladkov (Tri-lakes Wrest) FALL Floyd Moore (Waynesville Tig) 1:20
Blake Hopson (Greater Heights) dec Zac Russell (Team Saint Loui) 12-4
Gavin Gross (Greater Heights Wrestling) dec Nick Filger (Platte County) 7-5
Blake Bolin (American Combat Elite) TF Xavier Smith (Brickhouse Elite) 23-10
Cristian Dixon (Greater Heights Wrestling) dec Colby Benge (Mo West) 12-10
Lucas Lovellette (unattached) FALL Caleb Meeks (Blair Oaks Wrestling) 1:01
Sam Frankowski (Gateway Wrestling Academy) TF Jackson Careaga (TRI-CAP Wrestling) 12-0
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Jeremiah Reno (Victory Wrestling) won by tech fall over Connor Mcateer (Team Saint Louis) (TF 10-0)