The Cox Family lands in Rio

Well, we got into Rio thid morning around 9:30. It was literally a 24-hour trek, but one surely worth it, because at the end of this beautiful rainbow was our pot of gold – J’den!

J’den gave us a call around 3:30 and said athletes were allowed 1 visit with family members and that most of the families had been by and he was wondering when we were coming. We had folks in 4 different places, so we scheduled to meet J’den after his 6:00 workout.

But before we get to the meeting, I feel I should give you an honest glimpse into Rio rules of the road: THERE ARE NONE! At least none that we could figure out – other than passenger vans can do anything they want! It’s a scary ride placing your life in the hands of these smiling, talking, friendly, gesturing- please put your hands back on the wheel and keep your eyes on the road- fellas! But somehow they get you where you need to be. IF – you can find one!

But one brought us to J’den and it was so great to see him! True to form, he smiled that huge J’den grin, hugged his uncle, brothers and grandma, saving mom and dad for last. THEN…we were off to his room. “You wanna see my stuff? C’mon! You gotta come to my room and see all my stuff!” So, off we went to see his room.

On the way, we ran into Coach Bruce Burnett. This was my first time meeting him. What a gracious man! Next to see was none other than THE man, Mr. Jordan “alliseeisgold” Burroughs. That cat is so calm, cool and collected! His big day is tomorrow, so we greeted, hugged, wished him well and let him get going.

I tagged behind as the “men” in the group went into … I mean barged in on J’den’s roommate – Dan Dennis – in the middle of talking to Coach Brands. Yes. My husband was again starstruck, as was my mother!

From there, J’den took everyone to see the workout room and Mike Eierman! Ever excited, ever animated – Mike is Mike!

I got to have a nice chat with Kyle Snyder. His family comes in tomorrow, so I’m sure he’ll do the same thing with them when they get in.

Zach and I got to sit with Frank Molinaro and talk a bit. He showed off pics of his beautiful new son! He’s ready to get at it Sunday.

Without a doubt, these guys have nothing on their minds but gold, and they, are working hard to get there.

Tomorrow is Men’s Freestyle day one. Tomorrow we expect to win 2 gold medals. Expect to win – nothing less. Then come Saturday and Sunday; two more days – 4 more golds.

This is an awesome time, Missouri, and we all get to be a part of it.

Let’s get it started fellas!!! Let’s keep it going!
Go Team USA!

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