Session III Recap: Mizzou

#12 Mizzou – 9th (33.0 Points)

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Mizzou had a better early day II session, with O’Toole and Rocky highlighting with quarterfinal wins. Zach lost and will wrestle in the bloodround, to be joined by Josh Edmond and Colton Hawks who both went 2-0 on the day. 

141lbs: #21 Josh Edmond

  • Champ. Round 1: #21 Josh Edmond Dec. #12 Wyatt Henson (LH) (SV 4-1)
  • Champ. Round 2: #5 Anthony Echemendia (ISU) Dec. #21 Josh Edmond (8-2)
  • Cons. Round 2: #21 Josh Edmond Dec. #22 CJ Composto (PENN) (10-5)
  • Round of 16: #21 Josh Edmond Maj. #20 Tom Crook (VT) (15-6)

Next Match: Bloodround – #26 Vance Vombaur (Minnesota)

Edmond continues to impress in tournaments, taking out 2022 All-American CJ Composto and avenging a loss this year to Tom Crook. In both matches Edmond showed his neutral offense, scoring multiple takedowns with his double leg. He really showed out in the Crook match, getting back points when he went from from a mat return to a turk. 

Into the bloodround he gets an intriguing match with #26 Vance Vombaur, who upset #7 Cael Happel in the first round. Vombaur beat Happel then took out #23 Danny Fongaro before losing to #2 Beau Bartlett. Vombaur is a first year starter for Minnesota but has great wins over wrestlers like Josh Koderhandt and beat Clay Carlson last season. 

165lbs: #1 Keegan O’Toole

  • Champ. Round 1: #1 Keegan O’Toole Fall #33 Jack Thomsen (UNI) (2:55)
  • Champ. Round 2: #1 Keegan O’Toole Fall #16 Will Miller (APP) (5:57)
  • Quarterfinals: #1 Keegan O’Toole Fall #8 Antrell Taylor (NEB)

Next Match: Semifinals – #4 David Carr (Iowa State)

No matter how good I think O’Toole is, he continues to impress. This time he started hot against Taylor with a takedown straight to two sets of nearfall with a tilt and bar. Taylor made things interesting briefly with a takedown of his own, but not before O’Toole scored a late reversal to finish the period on top. Then in the second period Taylor took neutral and got deep on a single leg before O’Toole did his magic…

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Written by James Hackney

Session II Recap: Mizzou

Session IV (Semis/Blood Round): Mizzou