165# Semifinal - Keegan O`Toole (Missouri) 19-0 won by decision over Izzak Olejnik (Oklahoma State) 24-5 (Dec 7-1)

Session II Recap: Mizzou

#12 Mizzou – 10th (14.0 Points)

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Missouri had a rough second session but still have Keegan O’Toole, Rocky Elam, and Zach Elam into tomorrow’s quarterfinals. Josh Edmond and Colton Hawks are still alive on the consolations side as well. 

125lbs: #13 Noah Surtin – DNP

  • Champ. Round 1: #20 Stevo Poulin (UNCO) Dec. Noah Surtin (3-1)
  • Cons. Round 1: #29 Brendan McCrone (OHST) Maj. #13 Noah Surtin (14-0)

Noah Surtin was having a great season but a late season neck injury was clearly affecting him throughout the latter half of the year. He was getting to legs against McCrone but didn’t seem to be able to have the same power we’re used to seeing from him as he struggled to finish. Surtin is now a four-time qualifier with one season of eligibility left. 

133lbs: #26 Kade Moore – DNP

  • Champ. Round 1: #7 Nasir Bailey (LR) Dec. #26 Kade Moore (10-4)
  • Cons. Round 1: #10 Aaron Nagao (PSU) Tech #26 Kade Moore (16-1)

Kade Moore had a brutal draw coming in with an At-Large and it didn’t get easier with Nagao getting upset in the first round. Moore had some moments but wasn’t able to finish in scramble positions against Nagao who excels from top. 

141lbs: #21 Josh Edmond

  • Champ. Round 1: #21 Josh Edmond Dec. #12 Wyatt Henson (LH) (SV 4-1)
  • Champ. Round 2: #5 Anthony Echemendia (ISU) Dec. #21 Josh Edmond (8-2)

Next Match: Cons. Round 2 – #22 CJ Composto (Penn)

Edmond had a nice potential opportunity with Echemendia, who looked much more prepared in this one. Echemendia scored two takedowns in the first period and never let Edmond get too close to his own offense this time. On top of that Echemendia…

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Written by James Hackney

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