Night Before

Well, it’s 3:30 am. I think I’ve slept all of an hour since I laid down at 9:30 last night. I’m not nervous; I just can’t get my brain to stop thinking. Is J’den sleeping? Is he nervous? What’s going thru his head? Does he feel good? Did he bring enough socks? Underwear? Is he carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders? Does he feel the pressure? Is he hyped? WILL HE HAVE FUN???

That’s what we want more than anything; for this to be the most exciting time of his life! For him to enjoy each moment he’s out there on the mat. We want him to be pleased with himself when it’s over and know he gave his very best and left everything om the mats.

You see, win or lose, we couldn’t be more proud of J’den! He’s going to be an Olympian for the rest of his life. But more importantly, he’s going to be OUR J’den with the innocent yet mischevious smile, the child-like amazement of small things, the big Uncle Hulk who loves playing with his nieces and nephews, the little brother who revels in the ability to best his older brothers, the big brother who teaches his sister songs on the piano and the son who wraps this lady in his long arms and whispers, “Love ya, Ma.” He’s OUR J’den whom we get to share with the world.

Watching Burroughs and Dennis yesterday was hard for us as spectators. I can’t begin to imagine what that was like for J’den, Tervel, Frank and Kyle. They’re a Team; a brotherhood. They have one another’s backs. These four have to each go on and one by one wrestle his own matches without fear and trepidation, but rather, with the knowledge that he WILL win!!!

So I’ll lay down for the next few hours and continue to try to calm my brain. God, whatever sleep I don’t get, would You pass it on to my son? Would You allow him to awaken refreshed and focused, ready for everything that will be thrown at him? Will You allow him to wrestle with stamina,strength,speed and smarts? Will You let him have fun and place a joy in his heart like he’s never had before? Above all, may You be glorified to the ends of the earth!!!

From this mama’s heart, through Jesus’ Name.

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