NCAA Tournament Seed/ Draw reactions: 184 Dylan Wisman


First Round Match: #14 Dylan Wisman vs. #19 Cam Caffey, MSU
Potential Second Round: #14 Wisman vs. #3 Zach Zavatsky, VT
Potential Quarter: #14 Wisman vs. #6 Drew Foster, UNI

Thoughts on seed fairness: I think Wisman got a solid seed for the season he has had. 184 is a loaded weight this season. Wisman went 5-5 against the field here. Wisman had wins over #5 Dean, #17 McNally X2, #25 Lyon and #29 Schany. Wisman’s losses came against #3 Zavatsky X2, #4 Parker, #8 Preisch and #10 Colbray.

Thoughts on draw: I like Wisman’s draw just fine. In the first round Wisman will have Caffey who is really quick and is solid upper body.

Wisman’s hips and counter game will give Caffey trouble here. Wisman’s gas tank is also really great. In the second round Wisman will see Zavatsky who has beaten him 8-5 and 3-2 early this season. It is a tough match, but Wisman is wrestling well right now and has a shot at the upset. I am not picking Wisman to win, but it will be a close bout. In Wisman’s first consi match he will see either #20 Sumner or #29 Schany. Wisman majored Schany earlier this season and is a solid favorite over Sumner, so I see him advancing here. Wisman could even score some bonus on the backside here. In the R16 match Wisman would see either #6 Foster or #11 Deprez. Both guys are tough, but Wisman is right there with them. Foster is solid in every position, and is long for the weight class. Deprez is a really tough freshman who is a hammer from the top position, but could be outwrestled on his feet. I expect it to be Deprez and I will take Wisman to take a tight win here on the backside. If Wisman can avoid going under he can certainly win here. In the R12 Wisman will likely see either #8 Preisch or #9 Venz. Preisch is a bad match-up for Wisman, but if it is Venz it is possible. Venz is long for the weight class, and is excellent on top and in scrambles. Where Venz can struggle is generating offense in neutral. I believe that either opponent will beat Wisman in a close bout here.

Prediction of placement: I have Wisman in the R12, but a better performance would not be a huge shock to me. That said a worse performance is also possible. Wisman wrestles with a ton of effort and if any of these guys has an off match his pace really makes upsets possible.