NCAA Tournament Seed/ Draw reactions: 165 Connor Flynn


First Round Match: #15 Connor Flynn vs. #18 Gordon Wolf, Lehigh
Potential Second Round: #15 Connor Flynn vs. #2 Vincenzo Joseph, PSU

Thoughts on seed fairness: The 15 seed is pretty fair for Flynn who took an unexpected loss in the MAC semis before coming back strong for third. To need a wildcard to qualify and still be seeded 15th is nice. Flynn is 5-5 against the field here. Flynn took wins over #8 Lewis, #18 Wolf, #25 Coy, #26 Gunther and #27 Keller. Flynn’s losses were to #3 Shields, #10 Ashworth, #11 Steiert X2 and #26 Gunther.

Thoughts on draw: I do not hate Flynn’s draw. His first match is against #18 Wolf whom he majored 12-3 earlier this season and is 2-0 against in his career. In the second round Flynn was going to run into someone tough. Joseph will almost certainly hand him a loss in the second round. In his first consi match Flynn will likely see either #33 Joe Smith or #17 Viruet of Brown. Smith is a past two time AA, but 165 is a pretty big pull for him and he may not be super motivated being on the backside so early. Flynn is long enough and tough enough to give him problems and I think he will grab the slight upset (if not by seeding by perception) here. In Flynn’s R16 match he would likely see #10 Ashworth. Ashworth majored Flynn 11-3 at the Cliff Keen tournament and I see him getting the win here and ending Flynn’s tournament.

Prediction of Placement: I have Flynn going 2-2. 1-2 is a distinct possibility and Flynn would have to overachieve here to do better than 2-2. Flynn will have a good tournament with two wins and any bonus points.