NCAA Tournament Seed/ Draw reactions: 141 Jaydin Eierman


First Round Match: #5 Jaydin Eierman vs. #28 Chris Debien, CHAT
Potential Second Round: #5 Eierman vs. #12 Cam Kelly, OHIO
Potential Quarter: #5 Eierman vs. #4 Josh Alber, UNI
Potential Semi: #5 Eierman vs. #1 Yianni Diakomihalis
Potential Final: #5 Eierman vs. #2 Joey McKenna, TOSU OR #3 Nick Lee, PSU

Thoughts on seed Fairness: Eierman probably should have gotten the 4 seed here, but the difference between the 4 and the 5 is negligible at this weight class. Eierman did lose to Alber who got the 4, but was likely overseeded at the 4. Eierman went 10-3 vs. the field this season. The wins came over #6 Carr X2, #8 Storr, #15 Brock, #17 Parker, #18 Lantry, #19 Perry X2, #24 Moore and #30 Limmex. The losses were to #1 Diakomihalis, #2 McKenna and #4 Alber.

Thoughts on draw: I love Eierman’s draw. Eierman is extremely likely to put up bonus points in his first two bouts before a solid tough match against Alber. Alber did beat Eierman this season, but Eierman did not look great in that bout and is 2-1 vs. Alber in his career. I like Eierman to win a close match with Alber, to advance to the semis here. Eierman and Yianni is always interesting and all three bouts between the two have come down to one big takedown. I like Eierman to turn the tables and pull the huge upset over the defending champion here. Eierman just matches up better with Yianni than he does against McKenna. In the finals if it is against McKenna as I expect I think Eierman will lose and take 2nd. McKenna is extremely solid positionally and is strong enough to prevent Eierman from getting to positions where he is dangerous. If it is Nick Lee who advances I expect Eierman to win NCAAs, as he is a nightmare match-up for Lee. If Eierman loses to Yianni he will either see #7 McKee or #6 Carr followed by a likely third place bout with #3 Lee.

Prediction of placement: 2nd. Really anything from 1st to 5th, would not stun me depending on how the bracket breaks out, but Eierman is a top four guy at this weight and is a real threat to upset the apple cart here.