NCAA Tournament: Exciting First Round Matchups 165-285

Produced by: Zach Bruner
MissouriWrestling.com Content Producer
March 12, 2018

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Andrew Atkinson (UVA) vs. (16) Jon Jay Chavez (COR): On paper, Chavez looks to be the favorite and I look for him to win this match as well, but he is prone to a slip up and he makes some big mistakes in matches with his upper body style. This should provide some excitement in the first round.

Connor Flynn (MIZZ, Francis Howell) vs. (15) Branson Ashworth (WYO): The last time these two wrestled it was all Ashworth in a 6-1 victory over Flynn. Flynn has been wrestling well lately so I think this match will be much closer. In true homer fashion, I look for Flynn to win a close decision over Ashworth for some first round excitement for all Mizzou fans.

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