NCAA Seeding and Qualification Look (Mizzou)

Produced by: Sean Mael
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January 11, 2018

Barlow McGhee: 11-5

Key wins:
#20 Christian Moody, Oklahoma (3-2)
Brock Hudkins, Northern Illinois (3-2)
Kyle Norstrem, Virginia Tech (5-1)

Notable Losses:
#8 Louie Hayes, Virginia (4-1)
#19 Travis Piotrowski, Illinois (5-1 SV)
Michael McGhee, Old Dominion (2-1 TB)
JR Wert, Rider (6-4 SV)
James Syzmanski, North Carolina (5-4)

Upcoming chances at key victories:
#6 Nick Piccininni, Oklahoma State
#14 Jay Schwarm, Northern Iowa

Prognosis: McGhee has had a solid season to this stage. Since his late December win against Norstrem he has struggled to get to his offense as much as he was earlier in the season. I would imagine that his coaches ranking and RPI are currently hovering somewhere in the 20s. McGhee has two big aforementioned opportunities to notch a big win and really secure his NCAA at large bid. McGhee has defeated both men in the past, but has also taken losses from them. Overall losing to Piccininni and Schwarm would not necessarily doom McGhee if he holds serve elsewhere and has a good conference tournament perhaps avenging his loss to McGee and grabbing another win over Hudkins. I believe that McGhee will qualify for the tournament, but will enter unseeded.

#11 John Erneste: 15-1

Key Wins:
#17 Dennis Gustafson, Virginia Tech (11-2)
#18 Cam Kelly, Ohio (9-6)
#19 Zach Sherman, North Carolina (10-2)
#20 Dylan Duncan, Illinois (5-4)
Anthony Cefolo, Rider (8-6)
Chaz Tucker, Cornell (6-2)
Caleb Richardson, Penn (4-0)
Ian Parker/ Markus Simmons, Iowa State FALL/ (3-2)

Notable Losses:
#3 Jack Mueller, Virginia (9-2)

Upcoming Chances at Key Victories:
#5 Kaid Brock, Oklahoma State
#13 Bryan Lantry, Buffalo

Prognosis: Erneste has been incredibly consistent this season to this juncture. He has beaten a host of NCAA qualifier type guys, but his lack of true top flight wins makes it hard for him to climb to high in either rankings or likely seeding. Mueller’s impressive season to this point will help Erneste and if he can manage to best Brock and Lantry (likely beating Lantry or Kelly again to win the MAC) then he will be a top 8 seed at worst, and will likely be seeded around 5 or 6. Currently I believe Erneste will slip into a seed between 9 and 14 or so given his impressive number of quality wins and his likely high RPI and winning percentage. Erneste is having a very impressive season and I look for him to takes things up another notch leading into the closing stretch of the season.

#5 Jaydin Eierman: 18-1

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