Mizzou vs Iowa State Recap

This is a MOPro free preview. Enjoy! To walk into a hornets nest like Hilton and not give up bonus points anywhere speaks highly of Missouri’s wrestlers and coaching staff. Iowa State wrestled really well and it was a fun dual to watch.

February 27, 2019

This is a MOPro free preview. Enjoy!


Result: #25 Gannon Gremmel SV2 Dec. #21 Zach Elam 5-3 (IAST 3-0)

Thoughts: Elam came out and gave up some early stall calls and really put himself behind the eight ball here. Elam had a really clean HI-C finish where he went to a dump position and then crossed the legs. It was a beautiful finish. Elam also showed a lot of grit getting a tough full rideout in TBs. Overall it was frustrating to see Elam not take a couple more attempts here, but he wrestled hard overall. Elam’s gas tank was a bit of an issue here as well. Elam definitely has the room to clean up a few things between now and MAC’s and to prepare himself for NCAA’s. If Elam is at his best I truly believe he is a darkhorse AA candidate, because he has an insane amount of potential and he can be really tough in every position. He just has to believe in himself a bit more. This loss will hurt Elam’s potential NCAA seeding. A strong finish at MAC’s is really important for him both in terms of cementing his qualification, as well as building up his NCAA seed and his confidence going forward.


Result: #24 Alex Mackall Dec. #22 Dack Punke 4-2 (IAST 6-0)

Thoughts: This was a really frustrating performance. Punke has really solid leg attacks, but he did not open up enough to give himself a chance here until it was too late. Punke is typically strong in defensive situations, but Mackall was the aggressor here and eventually late in the first it paid off for him. Punke gave up a big riding time point in the third that really changed the complexion of the match as well. Punke has had a rough stretch lately and I am hoping the time off between now and MAC’s will serve him well. Punke has a ton of close losses recently and he is good enough to beat a lot of these guys. Confidence seems to be the only thing lacking for Punke right now.


Result: #9 John Erneste Tech. #7 Austin Gomez 22-6 (IAST 6-5)

Thoughts: JOHN ERNESTE! This was one of the better matches of Erneste’s career as a Tiger. Erneste really channeled some of his frustration about his loss last week against #2 Daton Fix and came out extremely sharp here. Erneste controlled the ties in the first period and was able to get to his russian tie to his drag effectively early, and that allowed him to shrug by Gomez and get an easy counter takedown. Erneste was extremely clutch at the end of the first period as he was able to lock up a spladle and collect the easy four nearfall to end the first up 6-0. Gomez has a great gas tank, so the bout was not over yet, but it was a huge start for Erneste. In the second period both guys put up a ton of points, but Erneste has amazing hips and he was able to catch Gomez trying to tilt him for a big six point headlock on the mat. The third period was super well controlled as Gomez went for a cement mixer and a high flyer and Erneste stifled both attempts to score six quick points to end the bout. Big win for Erneste. This was the best Mizzou performance in this dual meet and it should really help Erneste’s NCAA seeding a bit. Erneste really stifled everything Gomez had and turned it into a lot of nearfall.


Result: #4 Jaydin Eierman Fall over #12 Ian Parker (Mizz 11-6)

Thoughts: Eierman came out a bit slow here. He let Parker get to his leg easily a couple times and though he fought off the takedowns for awhile Parker was solid enough to capitalize. Eierman fought back into it with a nice drag takedown and then in the second period Eierman crunched up Parker on a pretty good shot and maneuvered Parker’s head into a stuck position and pinned him with a slick cradle. It was a solid win for Eierman over a guy he could certainly see in the 2nd round of NCAA’s. Parker wrestled really hard, but Eierman was extremely slick and finished the match in style here. Huge bonus points for the Tigers given the situation. I do not feel like this was one of Eierman’s better matches this season, but he finished it in style and I am excited to see him start to peak heading into NCAA’s at MAC’s.


Result: # 13 Jarrett Degen Dec. #7 Brock Mauller 11-4 (Mizz 11-9)

Thoughts: Mauller came out solid here and got two nice first period takedowns. After that the bout was all Degen. Degen rode well and was able to get a couple nice takedowns of his own as well as some nearfall. Mauller did not seem to be near his best here for whatever reason, but Degen is certainly a bad match-up for him as he has now handed him his only two losses of the season. Degen is incredibly long and seems able to neutralize some of Mauller’s funk. In potential future bouts Mauller should avoid going under Degen by choice as I feel that would give him a better opportunity to win the bout. Mauller likely did some damage to his NCAA seed here, but this was not the best version of Mauller and I feel like as long as he is away from Degen at NCAA’s he has the potential to make a very deep run. Look for Mauller to come back strong and dominate his way through the MAC tournament.


Result: #17 Jarrett Jacques Dec. Chase Straw 5-2 (Mizz 14-9)

Thoughts: Jacques wrestled a really solid bout here. He had a really nice low single in the first period and then had a great sequence where he went big mat return and then looked for a cradle when he got back to the mat. Jacques very nearly had a big cradle, which would have been huge for the Tigers at this stage. It showed great instincts. The rest of the bout Jacques was mostly the aggressor and he wrestled really smart in taking a lot of safe half attempts that made it impossible to really hit him for stalling here. Jacques rode well at times in this bout and was able to get a nice takedown at the buzzer to take a solid win over a tough Chase Straw here. I am excited to see how Jacques gas tank looks at MAC’s as he looked a bit better here than he had recently in that regard.


Result: #13 Connor Flynn Dec. Logan Schumacher 4-2 (Mizz 17-9)

Thoughts: Flynn had a nice takedown and rideout in the first and got away pretty quickly in the second period here. Flynn ended up giving up a reversal in the third, but had accumulated enough riding time to coast to a 4-2 win here. Schumacher fought hard and this was not a gimme by any means, but it would have been nice to see Flynn pursue tilts more aggressively here and to look to score more on his feet in both the first and second periods. Flynn is so talented, and I hope he gains some confidence at MACs by coming out with his second MAC conference title. Flynn was definitely not performing his best here, but he found a way to get the win on the road.


Result: #2 Daniel Lewis Fall over #21 Marcus Coleman (Mizz 23-9)

Thoughts: Lewis clinched the dual here with the 47th fall of his career. That fall tally places him second all time in program history(Ben Askren, 91), and it was good to see him climb the record books a bit here late in his senior season. Lewis wrestled against a pretty solid opponent in Coleman, so it was good to see him keep his hot streak going and lock up another big fall against a ranked opponent. Lewis got to the legs early here with a nice left side HI-C to a double and cut the corner finish. From there Lewis really looked for his cross face far side cradle, but he could not get to it. Instead, Lewis worked a near side cradle and came away with the big win for the team. Lewis is looking the best he has in his career and I cannot wait to see him dominate his way through the MAC. Lewis is a definite NCAA title contender at this stage.


Result #15 Sam Colbray Dec. UR/#17 Dylan Wisman 3-2 (Mizz 23-12)

Thoughts: Wisman gave up a takedown right at the beginning of this bout, but for the rest of the match he looked really good and fully healthy. Wisman was able to get up quickly from bottom and almost got a big riding time point in the third as he put a strong ride on Colbray. Wisman also had the better of the scoring chances and if Colbray was not on his home mat he would have been warned for stalling at least once as Wisman was putting together a lot of attempts. Wisman was extremely close to scoring twice. Credit to Colbray for fast reaction time. Wisman lost this bout, which on paper was a toss-up, but he looked a lot better than he did last week and if he can keep this type of pace and top game going he will be a really tough out at both MACs and NCAAs. I cannot say enough about how good Wisman’s effort was. The only complaint I can really issue here is that Wisman needs to be a little more on point expecting shots right at the outset of matches. With a little more time to get healthy and refine some little things I feel good about his prospects going forward.


#5 Willie Miklus Dec. #22 Wyatt Koelling 4-0 (Mizz 23-15)

Thoughts: It was bittersweet seeing Miklus in a Cyclones singlet here. Koelling wrestled a good match and really went after Miklus hard for the full seven here. Miklus put on a good ride and got riding time as well as a quick escape and a nice cross pick takedown. Koelling got to his leg once and had a chance to finish, but action went OB. Koelling has improved a ton since last season and he definitely has the gas tank to upset some top guys in March. Great effort overall from Koelling. Good match for Miklus as well and I will be rooting hard for both guys at their respective conference and national tournament.

Overall: Missouri had some bright spots (Erneste, Eierman, Lewis, Wisman), but overall everyone looked a bit slow footed and fatigued. It stands to reason that Missouri was likely dealing with some illness, hard training through the dual and a decent little road trip. This was not the best version of Missouri we will see this season, but everyone fought hard and used what energy they had. To walk into a hornets nest like Hilton and not give up bonus points anywhere speaks highly of Missouri’s wrestlers and coaching staff. Iowa State wrestled really well and it was a fun dual to watch. All rankings utilized are from the 2nd coaches poll rankings, aside from Wisman where I used the flowrestling rankings. I am excited to see the adjustments that Missouri makes for both the MAC tournament and NCAAs. I will have a lot of content out regarding MAC tournament bracket reactions and recaps as well as full NCAA coverage. Thanks for reading.

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