Mizzou vs UNI & Iowa State Recap

17 min read

By Sean Mael


#25 Brody Teske Dec. #24 Connor Brown 12-10 SV1 (UNI 3-0)
#24 Connor Brown Dec Kysen Terukina 5-4 (MIZZ 3-0)


Brown was leading Teske essentially 9-6 with riding time, in the third period in a scramble fest of a match. He faded a bit late or he could have captured a strong win. Brown has looked good to this point in the season. He is good in scrambles, his leg attacks have been solid, and his mat wrestling has been a strong suit. Brown is right there with the best guys in the country not named #1 Spencer Lee. Brown wrestled fairly well this weekend, and I was impressed with his ability to bounce back against Terukina. Terukina has an interesting style and seems to have a strong judo background. Brown was in two close bouts and if he had managed to stave off Teske’s comeback could have shot up the rankings a bit. The Terukina win will likely gain capital as the season advances. Brown wrestled a really composed third period in his second match, as he secured a late reversal to get the win. Brown will need to clean up his late match conditioning and finish shots late in matches if he wants to take the next step and beat some of the better guys at this weight class, but he is right there. I think that Brown has a really good chance to be an AA, when things are all said and done.


#14 Matt Schmitt Dec. Kyle Biscoglia 4-3 (TIE 3-3)
#14 Matt Schmitt Dec. Zach Redding 4-3 (MIZZ 6-0)